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KHON feeds a traffic cam pointed at Waikiki Beach. Audio may be from press conferences at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

Globe & Mail article on Pacific basin tsunami threat

BBC coverage from Japan - includes video.
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I realised this morning I'd forgotten to mention the 5+ typhoon 'Nabi' (here, lookit this guy!) who's currently got Saipan in his sites; also, [livejournal.com profile] chiroho linked to an act that can only be described as evil -- around 1000 Shia pilgrims in Baghdad died, mostly the elderly and children, from a bridge stampede provoked by a rumour of a suicide bomber.  The bomber, of course, never needed to show up.  Panic did all the work.

Do these creeps, causing harm like this, still dare call themselves 'Muslim'?  They're hypocrites of a neo-con order if they do.

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On to what I think is good news, even if it's gadgety and trivial for most, 'cause it'll be expensive for years when they get it all together, but still:

This linked picture is of a 'global'.  It was a prop in the near-future setting of the Roddenberry-based TV series, Earth: Final Conflict.  The global combined the features of a mobile phone, a video camera, a GPS and a streaming video display.  The whole unit snapped together into an elegant extended oval, and was opened horizontally, like the picture shows, to display the screen and activate its features.

I had gadget lust.

This picture, provided by Engadget.com, is a prototype rollup display... bearing a striking resemblance in size and general structrure to the global.

[has small-electronics fit of joy]

They are so close.
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(Per [livejournal.com profile] sit_good_dog:  Yes it does!)

It seems so petty to be concerned about a sunburn due to my own idiocy and a dead TV in the light of all the rain-related disaster going on, but these are the problems right on or in front of my nose.  I can't really help to focus on them.

Disasters, to wit:
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Domestic untranquility (nothing to do with maternal nonsense) )

P.S.  Ma made a nice supper for me tonight.  See, she can remember how to be mom-ish! :)

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Fluffy meme section!
From [livejournal.com profile] sit_good_dog:
Tag, I'm it: five current favorite movies
  1. The perennial The Wizard of Speed and Time
  2. The Hunt for Red October
  3. Spirited Away (since I haven't seen Sen no Chihiro... in the original)
  4. Serenity, even if it wasn't perfectly finished when I saw it
  5. Galaxy Quest - it's hard to not like something that pokes fun and reads like a love-letter simultaneously

  6. ETA: Whups, I forgot to tag people for this! Lessee... [livejournal.com profile] myfanwy (let's see if she does!), [livejournal.com profile] erised1810 (because she'll have interesting answers, I bet), [livejournal.com profile] mephron (if A: he reads this and B: when he recovers from D*Con), [livejournal.com profile] spin1978 (just because) and [livejournal.com profile] immovablemover!
The Random Question Meme! )


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