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...This refers to the application you recently submitted to this office for the position shown below:

Position: Administrative Support Aid (Office Automation)

Series/Grade: 0303-05

Vacancy ID: 237382

Agency: Everglades National Park

Referred To: Everglades National Park

Duty Location: Homestead, FL

Your rating is based solely on your responses to the on-line questionnaire. You were rated eligible but your

rating was not within reach for referral to the employing agency

(emphases mine)
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He's good!

In other news, thanks to Heidi, I went to the Good Morning America job fair up in Hollywood yesterday. It started so early, I just napped for an hour and didn't actually sleep before leaving. It didn't make much difference, though - even if I'd left the house earlier than when I actually managed, the line was still starting to wrap around to the pavement outside of the Diplomat when I queued up, and I parked on the next-to-last level before they started shuffling people into the empty lot next to the car park. Huge, huge crowd. I think it took me nearly two hours just to get inside the lobby (fixed up my mobile phone's messed-up contact list), and then I spent at least 90 minutes inside, wading through people. I had a twinge or two of I-hate-crowds, but managed to keep it buttoned down.

Two best things... no, three: The federal tables had the best freebies (Customs had a display of BUGS with them! Not a freebie, just a display); the two staffing companies there both seemed quite interested by my resume; and just a few blocks after I left, I saw a corgi being walked along the street! Naturally, I stopped and her human and I had a very nice chat. The Pemmie is just about the exact age of my girls, and her human and I drive the same car!

...yes, the dog was more exciting than the job fair. Deal. ;)
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Support position less than 3 miles from the house. I think she liked me, but they're trying to get this filled before the end of the week, so I'll know how much soon enough.
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Let's see, what do we have to go with the rejection letter from PerotSystems this morning...

Oh, a very very nice rejection letter from the City of Miami Gardens regarding one of the four positions I applied for (not the interview one); a scary letter from Unemployment that looked at first as if I was going to be denied benefits; and something from EDS confirming my separation (dated the 12th) and saying I have to wait another 4-6 weeks for my lump sum.

Because, y'know, the dogs are actually herbivores and can graze. And FP&L is secretly a charity.
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...which means I have to go nag at people now. Meh.

Meanwhile, Debbie took me to see Prince Caspian today. I haven't read the book in so long, I had no mental arguments or doubletakes going on. I thought the Prince himself had a pleasing resemblance to Keanu Reeves and 'Peter' might be set to be the next Cary Elwes, since Cary had abandoned what made him popular in the first place (irrelevant to talent, mind you).

My goodness, haven't the younger ones grown alarmingly! Actors are as bad as puppies. Their action scenes were so nicely done, I wonder if they kept up training between movies, or this is just actorish body memory and three months of hard pre-production.

I was surprised to see Slovakia as a location, but considering how closely the forest resembled that of a bright and sunny British Columbia, I'm fairly sure that's where Slovakia came in. Puzzling, though - they've got perfectly lovely forests in NZ. I measure all this by Xena, I should mention. It was not bad as a travelogue (so to speak) for an adventure show. :) My weird location bug kicks in at times like these. Wish I could find some way for it to make me money....

Anyway, I quite enjoyed the whole thing, book differences aside - some of them were, of course, because you don't pay actors to not be on screen. I loved seeing how the Xena/Hercules centaur technology looks with some serious money and another 5-10 years of technology applied. New Zealand, home of centaurs! Even more than the elves - the elves still have the Celtic parts of Britain to claim, even if they were shot down under.

It's hot here, and I have some mildly Mad Science to apply to a bathtub, and virtual mushrooms to hunt. :)
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Time for account renewal. *renews* Thanks to Perceval, the icons will be good for ages. [hugs]

Therefore, Gratuitous Icon Post.

Oh, and because of Stuff and the interview I had yesterday, I only had one hour of sleep... ONE. Still amazed I was functional during most of 'work' except for a couple of catnaps (dognaps?), which I do because I inherited the ability from my father. He had many useful genes, he did. (My chin, however, was not one of them.)

No... don't know when I'll hear, but they're trying to bail out at least one more of us, which is nice.
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Snerk. Thanks for putting up with my brain having moved neighbourhoods, largely.

In no particular order:
  • 'Barra Barra' by Hans Zimmer for Blackhawk Down is a kickin' piece of music.

  • Meissa's bloodcount was borderline AGAIN and therefore her spay has been put off another month, only this time we're going to whack her with antibiotics, worming meds and more liver to Get This Done.

  • I remembered where I left my cellphone. It's charging now.

  • The cops were doing a hard search about 15-20 blocks north of here; I don't hear the news 'copters now, so it must have resolved already. However, they had Miami, Dade and Hialeah all surrounding an area from around NW 17th to NW 15th Avenue or so, and about... 40th to 48th Streets or so. One of the Hialeah cops was actually standing at his unit's door with his shotgun out, and I saw them working some K-9s. Quite a stir.

  • Still no e-mail replies to job apps - I sent stuff to on-line services, the county (government's pretty safe, yeah?) and my friend Debbie's place of work. Argh.


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