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It's nice out. As in, smells like autumn (which here doesn't mean a lot, unfortunately).

Temp according to Google is 32C (89F) - that can't be right, my porch says mid 20s - but the humidity is down in the 40s.

YAY! [leaves the air conditioning off for a couple hours]
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Lunar Cycle Turns Hurricanes Into Beasts

Michael Reilly, Discovery News

March 5, 2009 -- Werewolves aren't the only terrors that follow the lunar cycle; hurricanes strengthen more often under a new moon than at any other time, according to a new study.

What's this, hurricanes are werewolves? )
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Not just for here, although sure, no snow and stuff.

My weatherbug says it's 38F with 43% humidity - my porch thinks it's colder than that. [checks calender] First Thursday, not second Tuesday and definitely beating out all of January. The 2nd was 6 weeks after the solstice - so this is just about on time for here. How long after your solstices do you get your weather peaking?

In the meantime, while the corgwn actually get some proper weather for their coats (I'm glad I shut Sesame in last night) and I try to keep my feet warm, let me share what might have been the nicest of the Super Bowl commercials.
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Google says it's 62F! My oven thermometer says it's 68! I'm actually chilly!!


[bounces around in delight, agitates the dogs]
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Melamine in domestic milk powder in China - although it still doesn't quite excuse the U.S. import authorities for what happened to the pet food, at least I think I can dismiss some of the paranoia. It really was just greed and incompetence.

I was reading one of the articles about Ike's aftermath and some things confuse me. Only a few filling stations running on generators? Florida already discussed this, after Katrina/Wilma. Cemeteries popping caskets? Well, maybe it's normally that much drier there, but New Orleans built that way for a reason that's still valid. There were a couple other things, like the GOLFERS in Tennessee who were apparently so desperate for a tee time they decided a tropical storm was acceptable weather. What?

Why aren't people applying solutions that somebody else already paid the price to work out? Despite all that, you have to applaud the Galvestonians and the S&R teams for not only their hardiness but their meticulous post-storm work. The death toll is commendably low, especially considering the property damage.

Meanwhile, for Tori:
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...oh, and keep your eye on that tropical wave just at the curve of the islands. It might kick up a fuss before it's done.
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...best I could do was an oven thermometer, which said the temperature in my living room was 91F.

At 2 o'clock in the morning.
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That's, what, 3C? With humidity between 33-66% or so during the day.

Now that is what some winter is supposed to feel like.

In other news:

After being disturbed from sleep six times in the space of a half-hour, Corgi finally gets up to find contents from a box of Stuff from work strewn across the living room.

*starts to consider caninicide*
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At least according to my spammail. I have to review my SFF Net Junk folder pretty carefully - for one, I can't have my own self whitelisted.

Meissa's got the same tickish thing that knocked D'Argo down to bony while I was gone in October. Since she had to lose weight before her spay, and she never lost her appetite, it actually had beneficial side effects. Harsh, but useful. She's fine, on antibiotics, and has Yet Another New Appointment. She has also gone through another heat cycle successfully unpuppied.

Miami has had really GOOD front pass through - I had to turn off the ceiling fan and put on two more layers of blanket last night! Good thing the girls curl up around my legs, my feet were freezing.

...no, putting something on my feet would have been too much bother.

If you haven't guessed by now, yes - I have become hooked on Second Life and I'd say it's SuperSelene's fault, except it's also Edward Pearse's fault once I started reading up on things, and Girl Genius's fault in general. [crazed grin] It all added up.

So here I find myself running around virtual Victoriana and doing graphics work for Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and hanging around with people that'd take at least 15 hours to drive to (yes, even the way I drive) — and I don't have to spend fuel money or traffic time, and if I stay up too long the worst that can happen is I'll fall sideways off my seat instead of sideways off the road.

Therefore, I have here pictures of me, in SL (click for the larger picture). And you must know how I am about pictures of me...

Lotsa different places... )
In the meantime, Gwynne went and got me the first three collected trade editions of the new 'Manhunter' comic - SQUEE! Kali was raving about this, and she's right - it's really good storytelling. I have gobbled them up already.
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An update from Puppyland - we have squirrels around here now!

Ermmm... had. I found Meissa chewing on an ex-squirrel's hind leg and Gemma came in so 'fragrant' last night I dumped the mildew-laundry (from my flood-zoid) out of the corgi tub and bathed her right there in the kitchen.

Also, because Robert-my-neighbour is willing to purchase porcelain tile to increase property value for resale but not neuter his dogs nor buy tick collars, the two senior bitches have had puppies. Ten of them! And they're just about 6 weeks old, and utterly adorable. I got a puppy-breath fix. :D They're a pretty lot, ranging from Rottweiler to Nessie-like Golden-Retrie-Chow-oid fluffy in either black or red.

[sprays Febreze around]

I have to commend Dog for being a Good Boy, despite the whole thing he has going trying to tear Sirius's face off still. I haven't handled him a lot since he showed up here - I mean, patting and tugging around and 'dancing with', but not anywhere near as much as my 'regular' dogs. Despite this, he followed me into the bathroom, let me flip him over on his back and tolerated my looking for microticks with tweezers for extended periods of time... twice. Even with ear-messing-with. No growling, hand-grabbing... nothing more than wiggling. He's a really nice dog.

Other than that, I'm just messing with Second Life and Comcast internet and appreciating the weather with whole new depths of appreciation.
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Expletive deleted TS Noel, drove off all my nice snow weather.
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...it's nice outside!
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Heat index is 93F. That's 32C plus 59% humidity or thereabouts.

But I finally got around to sweeping the pavement before my house, hand-edging a stretch of the fence to be able to get the mulch (good mulch, too, except for the bits of trash) away from it and even a bit of the street. Need a shovel for the gutter. Royal poincianas are gorgeous and shady, but productive.

I am now pondering heat stroke or something.

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...OMG, that's hail.
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Currently, Tropical Storm Hurricane Tropical Pain-in-the-Tuchus Ernesto is lurking about immediately south of Hispanola (Haiti/Dominican Republic, for the geographically disadvantaged). He's currently predicted to round the islands, bop up into the Gulf (following the nice warm water) then perversely cut across Tampa to go visit Jacksonville -- I think at about Cat 2.

I pulled out all my good weather links, looked at highs and lows and the jet stream and can't see anything myself that'll particularly divert or mitigate Ernesto doing whatever he feels like, short of pushing too far straight north -- the front which apparently parallels the jet stream looks like it'll foil that.

The real forecasters are being twitchy, though. Argh. One way or another though, we're getting wet this week.
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14Feb2006 temp

14Feb2006 temp

My porch. See that needle?

In case you missed it the first time...

In case you missed it the first time...

Just LOOK at that indicator!

Ummm... yeah: WOO!!

ETA: Removed table formatting for Flist's sake


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