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I'm likely to be AFK until Friday (Thursday at the very least), so I have to ask you a favour.


But first, to wrap up Women's History Month in a bunchy clump, here's the last six profiles:

Ada BlackjackMarch 27:
Ada Blackjack

March 28:
Anna Garlin Spencer
Anna Garlin Spencer

Emma BrunskillMarch 29:
Emma Brunskill

If you Google for Emma Brunskill's latest work, you'll see she's been involved in ambulatory robot studies. Very technical page, though.

March 30:
Laurie Anderson
Laurie Anderson

On September 16, 2005, Laurie’s exhibition The Waters Reglitterized opened at the Sean Kelly Gallery in New York City. According to the press release by Sean Kelly, The Waters Reglitterized is a diary of dreams and their literal recreation as works of art. This work, created in the process of re-experiencing or re-working her dreams while awake, uses the language of dreams to investigate the dream itself. The resulting pieces include drawings, prints and high definition video. The installation ran until October 22, 2005. In 2006, she contributed a song to Plague Songs, a collection of songs related to the 10 Biblical plagues.

Laurie Anderson narrated Ric Burns's Andy Warhol: The Documentary Film, which was first televised in September 2006 as part of the PBS American Masters series. Anderson also performed in Came So Far For Beauty, the Leonard Cohen tribute event held in The Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland on October 4 and 5, 2006.

Recently, through her web site, Laurie announced a re-release of her first album, Big Science, on Nonesuch Records, a DVD box set containing her short films and the concert movie Home of the Brave, a book of drawings titled Night Life, and a new album to be released in 2008, Homeland.Wikipedia

Wonder Woman Elizabeth Holloway Marston March 31:
Elizabeth Holloway Marston
Virginia 'Ginny' Heinlein Virginia 'Ginny' Heinlein


woof horizontal rule

Here's the 'favour' part. I'm not going to have much access, if at all, because Myfanwy is ever-so-delightfully dragging me away from my various burdens (and puppies) for a day or two to visit lovely Gaithersburg, north of Washington, D.C. We'll drive back and visit the Poodle Breeder Previously Blogged About, too.

However, this means I won't be able to do my webcomics votingespecially since the turnover is on Sunday, when I'll be back, but Myfi with or without boychild, might still be visiting here.

Can you please take a few minutes (5, 10 if your pages load slowly), and indulge your buried urge to just click like crazy? (c.f. 'Oooo, ticky-box!') Especially on April 1 (no joke)? Top Web Comics and WebbedComics turn over at midnight Pacific (GMT-7, currently); BuzzComix is every 24 hours, from whenever you vote.
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I stopped in lower Georgia for fuel, caffeine, nose strips, Krystals... important travelling things like that.

And I found out that Krystal, of all places... Krystal has free wireless connectivity. The fact that there's exactly 1 Krystal in SE Florida (apparently sans wireless, still) only makes me gnash my teeth.

For everybody who's too Northern or too not-North-American to know what I'm talking about, Krystals are little square burgers, fried on a griddle and served w/ sauteed onions, mustard and pickle on little puffy buns. They're very much like the NE's White Castle, and Miami's own Royal Castle which, alas, folded decades ago. They are delicious and probably quite bad for you. They're only in the South, which is why they're not in Palm Beach/Broward/Dade/Monroe, except for the sole exception on Sunrise Blvd.

McDonald's should be ashamed of itself.
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And 128.1 miles yesterday. That's a lot of driving. The difference was due to meeting Cindy after a wrong turn on I-65, then stopping at [livejournal.com profile] annechen67's after a wrong turn on SR 840, and a left turn onto I-10 because I was sick of I-75 and the Turnpike. I shoulda taken I-16 and clinched that one. Thank you, everyone, who inquired about the quality of my trip. :)


Following the recommendation of one of my Flisties (was it [livejournal.com profile] agonistes? One of the Registry Wolves? Alas! I cannot remember.), I found an unabridged CD copy of Isabel Allende's Zorro, which was just as delightful as I'd been told. It worked wonderfully to facilitate 'Zen driving' Saturday night/Sunday morning.

The people who manage the Zorro property commissioned Allende to write Zorro's origin story. Sure, everybody knows that he's the son of a Alta-Californian hidalgo who decided to fight injustice, but why? And how did he learn the skills that allowed him to be as successful as he was? Allende starts the story, just like Bujold did with Miles Vorkosigan, by telling how his parents met (modelled closely on a historical account from the same area of California). She expands the story to give credit and interest to both the native peoples and to women in Zorro's life — no so much wandering off track as seeing points of view unexplored by the original and subsequent authors.

Give it to Robert Rodriguez to make a movie out of it, please. :) He'll know how to keep the film as fun as the book. And he casts well (Banderas as Alejandro de la Vega, with age makeup?)


Yesterday, all the driving was due to Annie (my R.A.D., Randomly Acquired Dog) going in for her spay operation. WARNING: possibly tedious recital of automotive traffic situations ) Anyway, you can see how the miles added up. And it was time (2.5 hrs) I had to make up, too.

Annie's still feeling kind of weird and sore, but she's better today than yesterday of course, and perking up.


Little Sirius is, of course, adorable — and floppy like a rag corgllie. My vet was rather fascinated by him being a half-collie, and wants to see what a 3/4 corgi would look like (fat chance, Marmesh). I'm wondering what he should dress like for Halloween... any suggestions?


Pictures to follow eventually. :)


Oct. 1st, 2006 05:23 pm
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Hi, I'm back.

Every time I think I'm going to make really good time... I get to the part of I-95 where, in theory at least, you're supposed to slow down. Something about Palm Beach/Broward/Dade that always seems to take forEVer. Contrary to previous practice, it was actually an easier, better drive back than up — mostly because I was pretty short on sleep when I left for parts northwards last week. Since I was in no particular rush to get back, I found sticking to the speed limit... made me look like Joe Friday in the Dragnet movie. I sped up to avoid being a traffic hazard.

Ma's reaction to Sirius when she finally counted noses and realised no, Gemma had not been rolling in ashes: 'What is that doing here?!' She also said his name was stupid [indignation!!] and says she's calling him 'That Dog'. Should I show her Footrot Flats, y'think?

Despite her sputtering, he's already had a fun time running around the yard after/with his sisters. Everybody was a very smart travelling dog, btw: they hardly drank anything until they got in the house. We've had to refill the water bowls twice already.

And I'm trying to sluice some of the extra caffeine (yeah, silly concept all around, right?) out of my system [/vibrates]. ^_^
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('Course, I'm not positive she's even much active anymore on LJ, but good wishes nonetheless.)

As you might see from, oh, this post, I haven't left yet. Ma, in her usual fashion of 'must take care of baby daughter!' (yeah, she does remember now and then) has bought me enough food for me to drive to [livejournal.com profile] in_the_blue's, without stopping for Burger King once. For a two-day trip to Indy, it's a little silly but she means well.

I'm planning on stopping at Golden Glades to fill up, then probably somewhere between Orlando and Lake City, then probably the GA border because the prices are so outrageously low compared to everywhere, and past that... erm... I don't remember. I remember I stopped near South Pittsburg (going up) and Monteagle (going down) last passes through TN, but this time it'll be different because of [livejournal.com profile] annechen67. Then Sunday it's only about 6 hours to [livejournal.com profile] myfanwy's. I don't seem to stop in KY at all.

This means I'll be in Atlanta for earlyish lunch at this rate, brunch if I'm REALLY fast [evil grin]. Hopefully my stupid broken Treo will cooperate and leave its radio on consistently.

See you all later....
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I will be buzzing the Barony of South Downs approximately 1000 this next Saturday morning give or take about 90 minutes on either side of that (departure time and trooper paranoia depending).

Speak now or forever hold your peace until October 1st. ;)
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Thank any and every aspect of Diety for [livejournal.com profile] xianghua. Really. I still can't believe, after what I've been through over the past... what, 6-7 years, I guess? I can't believe that right now I'm sitting on my couch bracketed by two gorgeous, willful Cardigan corgi puppies.

Who, btw, are asleep right this minute. [/kawaiifit]

Scheming )

Outbound )

Boring trip log of times and distances )

Once we were at Cait's farmAcclimation )

We got going early TuesdayInbound )

I still can't believe they're here. :D

Road trip!

Dec. 10th, 2005 03:03 pm
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Anybody want a fly-by on the way back? Looks like the easiest route is Miami > Orlando > Lake City > Atlanta, left turn > Birmingham > Memphis > [livejournal.com profile] xianghua's (southern MO), and reverse for return. Let me know now, it was semi-bad improv on the last trip! :) No, I don't know exactly when 'back' will be, but probably Tuesday/Wednesdayish after the 1st.

[livejournal.com profile] mincot, [livejournal.com profile] agonistes, if you'll be around/available, it'd be great! Ditto [livejournal.com profile] snowjag and [livejournal.com profile] lazydwarf of course. [livejournal.com profile] thlroz, if you need a pickup done up Atlanta-ways, I might be able to manage that, too.

[livejournal.com profile] myfanwy, I'll see you, [livejournal.com profile] anony_ms and [livejournal.com profile] farbelle for sure on the way down. Might need a nap, though.
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  • 1295.5 miles back, including the noodling about Marietta/Atlanta, Orlando, etc.

  • 3 catnaps: just south of Atlanta (oddly early, too), Lake City-ish, and Okahumpa Service Plaza.

  • Undetermined but not large number of Vivarin and Halls Defense drops.

  • Left Indy at 09:14 (Tanarian Summer Time), arrived house somewhere around 13:00 (TSuT)... the next day.

I'm suspecting my wryly-named 'Zen Sleeping' must be working below my notice, because I'm really not getting anywhere near as tired as one should be, staying awake that long. Something about letting the mind wander while it's dark outside manages to simulate a dreamstate well enough to rest the brain, at least for me.

However, I must say that doing anything for 20+ hours straight through (except maybe for some gaming) will bore anybody into braindeath.
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Yeah, I actually got home closer to 13:00ish, but wanted to fall over unconscious for a bit before doing anything coherent [starts fussing with last couple of posts to tidy them up].

Atlanta, longer version:
Busy-busy!  I got into the Marietta area around 19:00, and since I had a delivery to make (more on that, of course) in Orlando-ish, had both time to kill and... well, it was just early yet.  I knew [livejournal.com profile] snowjag and [livejournal.com profile] lazydwarf lived there; I've never seen their house since they settled into it, and haven't had a chance to see just them in ages; thankfully, I caught them just in time.  Ditto [livejournal.com profile] delamancha, as far as the 'I know she's there somewhere' part. [livejournal.com profile] mincot, on the other paw, snagged me, so while [livejournal.com profile] sit_good_dog was kindly looking for a dogpark for the Cutest White Boxer Travelling from Miami to stretch his legs in, I was filling out my dance card *bats lashes*.

After some hasty directions, everything got sorted.  I visited with the two closest for nearly an hour; D'Argo got some pats coming and going, but it's a cats-first house and therefore he couldn't come in.  Lewis Park, which is an 'unofficial' dogpark, was only five minutes away.  We met a nice pseudo-Beardie and his human.  Clyde (yes, the dog) was both friendly to all and completely unintimidated by D'Argo, playing tag with him and generally being very cute.  (He's a shelter adoption, so his human wasn't sure either what breed/s he is nor exactly how old.)
[frowns at timestamps on Macon and Valdosta/state line entries, puzzled]
Off to meet [livejournal.com profile] mincot next!  After a bit of confusion because some gremlin went and mixed up all the street-name signs, I found her sitting outside the Whole Foods market next to a Borders... and not that far from the Dragon*Con hotels, hmm.  File for hopeful future reference.

We both had nice heathy Odwalla juices and talked mostly dogs, Andrea occasionally and expertly assisting passers-by in their appreciation of D'Argo.  We also talked Serenity and even spoiler-protected our enthusiastic comments in case of said passers-by being stealth Browncoats with scheduling problems.  She agreed that 'Joss, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!' was a perfect quote for one situation in the movie.  YOU know which one *knowing wink*.  Or you will.  It was an entirely pleasant visit, and I'm glad she managed to get LJ text messaging (at least, I think that's what she used!) to work.

[livejournal.com profile] delamancha, I'm sorry I missed you!  Whah! :/
Expletive deleted Citgo had fuel priced in the $2.60-range if I'd only waited another bloody 17 miles.  ARGH!
[livejournal.com profile] myfanwy and I had found this totally psychotic Halloween decoration, consisting of a roughly life-sized black cat, cute little Halloween-witches'-hat on its head.  The cat has a pressure switch in its paw; it starts meowing normally, then disturbingly... then maniacally, while its head spins in a possessed manner.

TOTALLY Alysoun.  Really.  Even if I can't find a picture of the blasted thing on-line.

So I trundled down I-75 to the Turnpike to I-4, off the southbound parking lot, good thing I was headed north expressway, and found the house with no difficulty at all.  Had a nice visit, the cat was indeed perfect, and was also informed we've got a tropical wave passing over.  Lovely.  This meant, yes, heavy intermittent rain alllll the way home.  Also high humidity in general, and southerly winds.
It's pouring here now, in fact.  It'll help keep down the dust from the road plumbing they're still doing.

I stopped making 'marker' posts, though, 'cause bloody Treo input was starting to hurt too much!  My left wrist has to twist against the steering wheel at an unnatural angle for me to do either keyboard input (if it's light enough to see the keyboard) or screen text-input (but I'm not used to my new application for that yet).  I already know exactly how long Florida takes, anyway. ^_^

Next time... more coordination! ;)
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Doomed again to Florida's gravity well!
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...Macon. V. quiet.
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Only in the sense that I forgot to note it. I'm at 461.2 miles along, Georgia mile 341 on I-75 already

That's a straight shot south now!
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The road just split onto I-24 eastbound¡ I can already see the striking horned Bellsouth building in downtown Nashville.

So that's 2.66 hours since SDF, another175ish miles.
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Passed Louisville about 2.5 hours after leaving Myfanwy's house (127 miles-ish). It's slow because I stopped even before leaving IN to fiddle with things in the car.

D'Argo's funny -- he wouldn't eat his lunch out under a nice tree, but dove in almost as soon as I started driving again. (Maybe the Pup-peroni helped....)

But back to Louisville for a moment. I found it interesting how, just south of downtown, they have Cardinals Stadium, some huge stable facility, what appears to be a substantial amusement park and the airport -- with requisite hotels, of course. SDF sprawls, but part of that seems due to UPS. It loioks like a hub for them.

There's also Exit 129, CR 61, which is Preston Highway. Must remember to tell Preston-at-work about it.

And I just passed Dinosaur World.
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After a week of not having to rush back and forth to Miramar, WITH my dog, WITHOUT the heat, and having noodled around about 150 miles worth of Indianapolis... I head south.  [livejournal.com profile] annechen67, I'll e-mail you with my mobile number, see what time I'm in your neighbourhood, eh?

Hugs to [livejournal.com profile] sit_good_dog just 'cause.
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Alas!  Last night's Serenity was powerfully UNDER-attended.  We sat a few rows in front of three guys who seemed vaguely fannish, and then four people who seemed of a reasonably brownish colour [/injoke] sat right behind us.  And... that was almost it.  Maybe four other people in the whole auditorium.

This was, I must needs mention, after a lovely surprise supper at the rawther posh Ruth's Chris Steak House.  They brought me two chocolate-dipped strawberries with 'Happy Birthday' written on the plate in white chocolate. ^_^

I wanted a line party!  I wanted people to read my t-shirt and laugh in familiarity!  ([livejournal.com profile] myfanwy was wearing this quote of Simon Tam's, and we both wore this button.) *sigh*  Lessee what Browncoats I might rustle up tonight... there's this nice forum of local folks to reference.

woof horizontal rule

One of the local radio stations sponsored a 'Bark in the Park', heavily attended by wrinkle-dogs and rescue groups (that was pretty good to see!).  By wrinkle-dogs, I mean the preponderance of bully/mastiffy breeds - many boxers, including D'Argo and the most adorable little white-boxer bitch-puppy, only about 3-4 months old; three English bulldogs of varying ages, from walking water-balloon (she was so CUTE!) to teenager, to senior citizen dressed in digital camo and riding a cardboard half-track with a US Marine Corps' flag flying off the back.  (They had a costume contest, see...)  Also - a few pugs, including a 9-month-old kissing machine; two American Bulldogs; and three American Staffordshires, all young and very sweet.  Of course, there were lots of other breeds there, too, and various mutts.  The two 5-month-old long-haired dachsie puppies looked like animated stuffed toys, especially since the boy-puppy has a bark like a squeaky-toy's squeak.  Everybody was very well-behaved; it's a shame the weather warmed up today, we all got a bit overheated and overthirsty.

woof horizontal rule

Drat.  I gotta leave soon.

woof horizontal rule

Excerpts from the Indianapolis Star review of Serenity:

IndyStar.com  Entertainment  Movies
September 30, 2005

movie review
Sci-fi television show makes jump to big screen with 'Serenity'

                By Christopher Lloyd
I'm no Browncoat.

By that I mean that I'm not in the club of devoted fans of "Firefly," the short-lived sci-fi television series about a crew of scruffy intergalactic bandits. In fact, I never even saw a single episode of the 2002 show, which was yanked from the air after only a single season. But enough people did, and clamored for more, to warrant a $40 million big screen adaptation dubbed "Serenity," after their bucket-of-bolts spaceship.

[snip much]

...On the down side, the special effects in "Serenity" are rather cheap-looking...  [HEY!!  They are NOT!]


But it's still a fun and occasionally thrilling space escapade. No, I never saw "Firefly." But after watching "Serenity," I wish I had.

Contact Star editor Christopher Lloyd at (317) 444-6326.

Copyright 2005 IndyStar.com. All rights reserved
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I got to [livejournal.com profile] myfanwy's a couple hours after I'd expected to, but with all those traffic problems I had? I'm surprised I wasn't driving a full 24 hours instead of... what, 21ish? (1262 miles, no matter how long.) I didn't have to nap as often as I suspected I might; just the once, and a little Vivarin. What was somewhat surprising as to its effectiveness was just sucking on Hall's Defence drops. I think it was not as much the sugar, but the fact that moving the tongue is apparently linked to concentration somehow.

Something very odd spotted on I-65, still south of Indy by a good bit: A Publix truck. Publix?? Here? Last time I looked, they were all through Florida with a few incursions into Georgia. What the blazes is Publix driving around Indiana for?

Also saw various crews certainly headed south as either 'additional troops' or relief -- a squadron of electrical cherry-pickers, a flight of tree-trimmers... and actual 'additional troops'! A long, long convoy of military vehicles -- a few HumVees, verious equipment on flatbeds, some bigger trucks (deuces?) which looked designed to wade through large puddles, as they had large wheels and had very high undercarriages.

I found, serendipitously, while schlepping through the endlessness that is Tennessee on a horizontal axis, the Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Outlet shop in South Pittsburg (home of the Pirates and the National Cornbread Festival). O drool unmitigated. I was nowhere near as bad as I wanted to be, but the Powerball Lottery is at $148 million and I have tickets now. Then after getting back on the expressway (I-24), one of the most beautiful areas on the planet was revealed -- Nickajack Lake. Apparently it's artificial -- created as a result of damming. Still gorgeous, though.
  • This is the official navigation map of the area (433Kb). If you load the image, you'll see that the Lake and its dam/lock complex are actually part of the Tennessee River.

  • This is a photo which does not do the view I saw justice. Alas.

  • This photo's a lot better, although it wasn't as 'atmospheric' when I passed by.

  • One last photo, from the air. Still insufficient, but taking photos at 70-80mph? Not at all practical, especially since the camera was in one of my high-tops.
Not long after passing west of the lake's area, the clouds finally broke. The sky was unbelievable. It was as blue as the Prince of Wales's eyes, cartoon-sky blue, a blue we only come close to in South Florida during 'winter'. It was a shaded cyan off a Paint Shop Pro effects palette. I wanted it in a bottle to take with me.

D'Argo is still somewhat perplexed, and has an urpy tummy on top of that. He's not eating his nice late supper/breakfast/if-you-don't-eat-it-dog-it'll-be-lunch. Considering we didn't really stop for a meal yesterday, I'm kind of surprised (we did have snacks). Otherwise, he seems to be enjoying new smells and people to visit.

Hopefully, tonight Myfi and I will start our 'Serenity' marathoning, as she's never seen ANY of the original series, and I have eleven issues of 'The Signal' AND the comic trilogy for her instruction. ;)


Sep. 26th, 2005 06:45 pm
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Indiana at last!

(now... only 100 more exits :/ )


Sep. 26th, 2005 03:37 pm
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It's 1000 miles and Kentucky almost simultaneously!

*waves maniacally and yells* HI, MISTER CLOONEYYYY! Better luck next campaign!!

(Less maniacally, my phone post phone number has stopped working. Very puzzling.)

!!! Not another jam!


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