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Since their budget's been cut and our taxes hardly go where we want them to... we'll have to fund things ourselves.

Help NASA build an immersive space exploration MMO!

Please, anything will help. Anything.
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...non est ad astra mollis e terris via...

Remember all our space heroes and their sacrifices.
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It's February, so they should be safe.

ETA: A very pretty pre-dawn launch (go baby go).
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In the astronauts' case, this was literal. From [livejournal.com profile] the_air_man:

In other news, Debbie helped me score a water-cooled gamer case, a motherboard and several yards of Laura Ashley fabric for $21. :D
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[livejournal.com profile] blueeyedtigress brought this lunar experiment to my attention - let's EVERYBODY play! The time's awkward for many, but isn't being a participant in scientific history worth a little sleeplessness?

Here's a quote from the page linked above:
Just imagine. A spaceship plunges out of the night sky, hits the ground and explodes. A plume of debris billows back into the heavens, leading your eye to a second ship in hot pursuit. Four minutes later, that one hits the ground, too. It's raining spaceships!

Put on your hard hat and get ready for action, because on Friday, Oct. 9th, what you just imagined is really going to happen--and you can have a front row seat.
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Look here:

The huuuuge PNG version is here.

(Yvonne, briefly: it's of the dwarf planet Sedna.)
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Belated Happy Mabon, to everyone - naturally, I missed the equinox by a couple of days, 'tis my habit.

And as long as we're on astronomical phenomena, I quote from The RASC Calgary Centre - The Solar System:
Including the 8 "major planets" and the 3 "dwarf planets" (Ceres, Pluto and Eris) we now have 11 "planets".

One old way to remember the names of the planets from the Sun outwards was to use the mnemonic phrase "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas" - for Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Now that there are 11 a new mnemonic phrase was needed - and now we have one.

In 2007, the National Geographic books-for-kids division sponsored a contest for kids (14 and under) to come up with a nifty way to recall Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Eris in order.

And - here is the winner: "My Very Exciting Magic Carpet Just Sailed Under Nine Palace Elephants".

Oi! What about Sedna?!
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[wakes up slowly until a dog steps on her] Augh. [creaks] Oh, thank you for leaving me that to clean up, puppies.

Anyway, I have been duly chided for not having updated in Forever, although trying to get something written for yesterday seemed somewhat... self-defeating somehow. I have, however, managed to miss everything involved with March 1 (in my defence there, my internet WAS out for a week around then until I got a good tech to come to the house), Herself's birthday, St. Patrick's day, Rozberk's birthday, the Equinox and Goddess knows what-all's been on my Flist.

[hangs head]

I'm sorry.

May I offer, to start, this interesting essay from J-List (mostly the first and last paras, although the chimp proves that it's not just celebrities and the rich who're doing this:) )

Let's see... ah! OMG MARTIANS! )

Through complex and torturous means (it's a good thing I'm still kinda stuck on eating Japanese rice and edamame, although the dogs don't eat cheap), I have a second computer, a desktop whose name is '17 Tauri' but is called 'Electra' (spelling optional). Because of Elektra, I can bring you a couple pictures from my 'adventures' in Second Life' which are much, much nicer than before:

Pictures behind the cut, alt-tagged without being reminded *grin*! )

Dogs: Everybody's OK and doing much better with the housebreaking stuff and the chewing stuff, for the most part. Annie managed to wriggle out of her harness; I refused to chase her, so eventually she got bored or anxious enough to come home on her own. Gemma has found a new way out of the yard, said portal not having been located yet (obviously). If it weren't for cars and utter gits, I wouldn't worry so much about them being out. Sirius is still in his denatured Azkaban until he realises he is NOT in charge of domestic security issues - he decided Sesame needed beating on, and I was pre-tired of cleaning up dogblood, so Cait's been coaching me on this problem I've never had to deal with previously. Meissa's platelets are finally back up to normal range, so cross your fingers, and hope she's finally spayed at the end of the month. D'Argo is itchy. Would you believe just about everybody's grown up already? Sirius is the only one still under two years for sure, as I'm still really vague on Sesame's age.

Still looking for a job. I am bad at this, by which I mean I look at the listings and NOTHING seems to fit, so then I get depressed and everything grinds to a halt.

But my LAST CAR PAYMENT is on the verge of getting mailed, so that's one less worry!

And with that, I think that's enough babble for now.
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I looked up at the fading sunset as I started to get in my car and saw a bright thing, the size and brightness of a planet... but in the wrong place. As I stared at it, I noticed it was moving a whole lot faster than any planet, but it was too steady to be an aircraft.

And then I saw the fainter one in front of it, evenly pacing it.

Not aircraft. They were, however, vehicles:

ISS - Visible Passes

Date Mag Starts Max. altitude Ends
Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az.
18 Feb -0.7 19:23:01 10 WNW 19:25:38 33 SW 19:28:05 11 SSE

STS-122 - Visible Passes

Date Mag Starts Max. altitude Ends
Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az.
18 Feb 0.3 19:23:00 10 WNW 19:25:37 33 SW 19:28:03 11 SSE

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(off a discussion at SFF Net)

I don't think I'm the only one, although my reaction might be a little stronger than others....

Does anybody else find themselves wanting to break into tears whenever the subject of Laika, the cosmonaut dog, comes up?
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Here, among other locations. Cassini's moving out of the ring plane to survey the polar regions and take full-face ring photos (which are leading to people biting their tongues on Ringworld jokes... almost).

This one, in infrared, is my favourite so far.
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[feebly] rough week. [/feebly]

After about two and a half days of having, shall we say, intestinal irregularities (lovely to come home to), Annie seemed kind of lethargic this morning. Can't be schlepping a sick dog all over the south/central U.S. for short-term as well as long-term reasons, so Work gets advised I'll be late for medical reasons, and off we go to the vet. Little brat perked up enough once we left the house, and sure enough - no fever, nothing weird in her sample under the microscope.

Must've just been bad lizard, or tainted dove or something else I don't really want to know about.

So on the way back home, she reminded me she gets carsick. Note to self: go pick up dog-dramamine at the vet's before work tomorrow.


Late is late is late, so since it might be nice while travelling at moderately illegal speeds through the aforementioned south/central U.S. to have all one's documentation in order — it's the problem with having a birthday at the very end of the month, all of a sudden it's October and whup! Tag's expired. Naturally, my license needed renewal this year, too. However, I was surprised to find out I could renew my license on-line — no, really, I never had the opportunity to do that before — and I happened into my favourite tag office just at the perfect time: no queue at all.

As a result, I have to work until 21:30 with no actual dinner break, and I have a new Space Shuttle plate:

...only mine says T G O V K (click on the plate for interesting information about where the extra fee for it goes).

Who wants to help me think of an acronym for it? My last one was T B 9 E C, which came out as [geekalert] Trimaris benign (B9)? Ecce classiari! [/geekalert]

I woulda used The Licence Plate Generator to show you, but they don't have this new version yet — this is the third shuttle-plate design, to include the name of the second lost craft. (Oh, and check this out, too.)
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Now that was an excellent way to start a morning after poor sleep.

Congratulations and welcome home, Discovery!
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Gacked from [livejournal.com profile] electroweak, co-creator of A Miracle of Science:

From Space.com, BBC Science/Nature News, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age
Big news from the American Geophysical Union Joint Assembly held in Baltimore this past May 23-26: A team of Ohio University, NASA, Russian and Korean scientists led by Prof. Ralph von Frese from OSU, who had been looking at differences in density that show up in gravity measurements taken with NASA's GRACE satellites noticed, beneath Antarctica's icy surface, a 321-kilometre-wide plug of mantle material — a mass concentration, or "mascon" in geological parlance — that had risen up into the Earth's crust. Cross-referencing against radar imagery, the team found a corresponding 500-kilometre-diameter circular ridge, also still buried beneath 1.6km of ice, which seemed to confirm their suspicions.

The mascon is located in Wilkes Land, East Antarctica; its coast faces Australia, which claims the area as far as the Antarctic Treaty allows such claims.
'...[the impact] could have begun the break-up of Gondwana supercontinent by creating the tectonic rift that pushed Australia northward," the team's leader Ralph von Frese said in a statement. "The rift cuts directly through the crater, so the impact may have helped the rift to form."
The size of the meteor itself has been compared to the city of Sydney; the resulting impact ridge to the size of Tasmania.

The impact is now thought to have started the Permian-Triassic extinction, which wiped out most life on land and in the oceans. Immediate effects would have included shock waves, firestorms, earthquakes, tsunami and vapourised materials contaminating the atmosphere. Secondary side effects from the damage, which punched completely through the earth's crust, would have been supervolcanism perpetuating the environmental changes for centuries.

Any errors in summation are mine, due to the fact that I'm still getting dressed, ack!
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I have been neglectful due to poor timesharing. Yesterday was the twentieth anniversary of one of the worst space-exploration disasters we (meaning the planet) have had; the cosmonauts, certainly, have suffered their own set of disasters -- Soyuz 1, Soyuz 11 -- but the American space programme's disasters have been tightly clustered into this time of year.

It's hard to believe it's been two whole decades since the January 29th on which Challenger exploded due to... well, a bunch of stupid things. I mean, in a way, it's not unlike what happened to the Titanic, isn't it? Assumptions, presumptions, waves of dismissal, 'our tech can't fail, it's our tech' sort of attitudes...? Then Columbia, three years ago (three years?!) on February 1; and next year it will be forty years since the January 27th on which Apollo 1's pure-O2 atmosphere caught fire.

Apollo 1 STS 51L mission patch STS 107 mission patch

And what are their sacrifices accomplishing? Right now, all we're getting is empty promises and robbed budgets. But there's hope out there yet; hope, and anticipation and excitement. We can -- I hope -- outlast this; and we can hope the taikonauts will be able to learn from their predecessors' misfortunes.

woof horizontal rule

Heard on the news from Lake Wobegone: 'Cindy seemed to consider romance as a sort of social work.' [/possible imperfect quote]

woof horizontal rule

News from puppyville: We all went to the vet's yesterday. Gemma had a distressing cough that sounded unsettlingly like she was coughing up a hairball (but no hairballs produced... which, from what I've heard of hairballs, is a GOOD thing); D'Argo had a lump show up in his neck as if an evil fae had flittered by and hit him with a swelling charm. It was well under the skin, fairly mobile, and didn't seem to be tender to the touch -- but where the blazes did this thing come from? It even alarmed the vet, as D had been in just two weeks before (and would have been in last Saturday except for the fact that Certain People were off at a wedding in Detroit instead of being where my boxer needed them). Meissa was just there because there was the chance the girls would be getting the next round of puppy shots.

As it turns out, Gemma now weighs 7 lbs, 11 oz; Meissa has pulled ahead of her sister at 8 lbs, 8 oz; and D'Argo is large. No reason was found for the cough (which had already subsided substantially from Friday), and D'Argo's strange lump had some blood in it. Once that was aspirated with a needle, there was a definite change in size, but no firm diagnosis. So he's back on antibiotics and needs to be seen next week. No puppy shots either - they're not quite three months old yet, so Marmesh decided to wait until next week.

They were only fiveish pounds the first time he weighed them!

So now Meissa's coughing, and my mother's dosing them with fragments of baby aspirin and some olive oil concoction that actually seems to be doing more good than what the vet did (which was nothing, so that's an easy one). Off to feed puppies now....

woof horizontal rule

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Finally got an answer about LiveJournal's 'ALT_POSTER' property that satisfied my curiosity, and as a side effect, was directed to [livejournal.com profile] lj_nifty, which really is. Found the following goodies for you to check out:



Which Member of the Endless Are You?
'I'm Destruction!' (really?? kewl.) )

Love this comic... think I might have the whole run. Or at least the first few years.... Got the same as Catherine. There's reasons we all Friend each other, after all....

See which Greek Goddess you are.
I would've preferred Artemis, but I'm neither outdoorsy nor gay enough... )

Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz
Whew! Not Lucy! )

For lunar eclipse fans, here's a very very nice map and diagram of what we just saw (in varying amounts....):
full moon calendar icon

Thinking of moons, I just started uploading Canis Mutatem at the Werewolf Registry. Despite its Remus-minimal content, I hope they like it there anyway. (I know Tann liked my drabble, at least. *grin*)


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