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Team and personal fundraising goals don't look bad! This is an area of overlap which usually wouldn't occur simply because this is a very mundane (in the literal sense) bit of business, fundraising for a widespread disease like this. We've all been affected, after all. Family members, friends, celebrities/notables of one's personal admiration or taste... it doesn't stay in its own corner, so Second Life and/or fandom and/or whatever has to come out to get in its metaphorical face. Even the SCA - [livejournal.com profile] selenesue can tell you about this great long-running breast cancer fundraiser tourney she's participated in.

I am proud of how well this team did under the current economic circumstances. Overall? The Second Life Relay For Life as a whole has raised over A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS. Yes, that's a bunch of people running around playing dolls with pixels. *grin* That link above is just for the Steelhead Salmons' out-world fundraising. In-world, it was at L$217,000 last time I looked at a kiosk. Amusingly, once converted into U.S. dollars, that's also about $800. One little team, US$1,600.00.

Until there's a cure, we Relay.
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You may or may not know that the American Cancer Society's big annual event, Relay For Life, is happening this weekend. (Please consider squeaking out a donation? Just a little one.) It's a marathon fundraiser event, 24 hours of walking or running, with amusing theme laps (Crazy Hat lap), live entertainment, etc. etc. etc. It happens in Second Life as well - we have a track, we stay on it, there's a measured rate of human-scaled speed, laps are counted much the same way. It's still an effort, just not outside.

One of the themed laps will be done in silence, as the luminaria are lit along the track, which items have been dedicated to various people in honour or memorial to their struggle with cancer. Now, we're talking a track that takes at least 30 minutes to travel, so it's the equivalent of several miles long. That's a lot of luminaria. (Yes, I really do have a point here, I'm getting to it.) I was helping place luminaria, being all OCD about it, when one of the groups mentioned Amazon.com had a job fair.


Job fair.

Job fair.


It was pretty chaotic - the Caledonians who had alerted me to this were right, the place was filled with people wearing brand new avatars (default appearance, hadn't even changed clothes). It struck me as a little unfair that somebody like me who's been in almost two years would have to take second place to someone who's been in for five minutes just because he or she heard about the opportunities. I mean, they were coaching people how to drop their resumes into the mailbox for them.

However, I got my resume to the person sitting at the receptionist desk (she gave me her e-mail address), and spoke to another one, one of the recruiters, and gave her my resume on notecard (she seemed to have a great sense of humour, that one). One of the questions was if I lived in or would move to Seattle. Gulp.

But wow, after all this time, and this actually sounded like someone was offering me something substantial through this portal, this realm. Manpower certainly let me down, and I bought a suit for them.

Cross your fingers - oh, and think of me this weekend. I'll be hitting the caffeine and the run button.


May. 4th, 2009 08:29 am
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[livejournal.com profile] lunalovegoddess has come to play with us in Second Life! (She looks adorable, mostly like 2nd Romana, although she had to mention it first - I knew she looked familiar.)
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This is why, if I wasn't more specific, I was up for 28-odd hours this past weekend. Long-distance driving provided good training for it — I only needed one catnap.

If you'd like to see pictures of what I and friends were up to, my Second Life blog is http://tanarian.blogspot.com - a free Blogspot with every Google account, woohoo. :)
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I've been sitting on these for too long and need to share them with those who need to see them. *grin* The fireworks are from February 26th, the second anniversary of the founding of the Independent State of Caledon. The dancing pictures are from the 'TreeWarming' party for Myfanwy's custom-built treehouse in Steelhead Harborside (it's sort of mine, too, but it's her project). She held it on 'February 30th' (March 1st, really, Happy St. David's Day in retrospect). For reasons you may ask about, it was also referred to as 'the 30th of Darien or the 1st of Hawc'.

Yeah, I know, these are gonna be really irrelevant to a lot of you, but hey, you might find them amusing.

Fireworks for Caledon's 2nd Anniversary (1) Fireworks for Caledon's 2nd Anniversary (2) Fireworks for Caledon's 2nd Anniversary (3)
Fireworks for Caledon's 2nd Anniversary (1)
The dock in Murdann
Fireworks for Caledon's 2nd Anniversary (2)
Hovering over the Firth of Caledon for a better view
Fireworks for Caledon's 2nd Anniversary (3)
Still hovering, different burst
The TreeWarming Party (1) The TreeWarming Party (2) The TreeWarming Party (3)
The TreeWarming Party (1)
'Lark' session - dancing on my parcel to Lady Diamanda's spinning. Kara Timtam, Soliel Snook, Jomander Trefoil and others.
The TreeWarming Party (2)
'Lark' session - dancing on my parcel to Lady Diamanda's spinning. Kara Timtam, Soliel Snook, Jomander Trefoil and others. That's Myfi to the left in her Cymru minidress.
The TreeWarming Party (3)
'Lark' session - Myfi dances with Augustus (you can see his right wing if you look hard).
The TreeWarming Party (4) The TreeWarming Party (5a) The TreeWarming Party (5b)
The TreeWarming Party (4)
'Lark' session - Myfanwy rocks out in her Cymru minidress.
The TreeWarming Party (5a)
Duke Otenth Paderborn, the 'Nightingale' session host in his *coughcough* interesting outfit.
The TreeWarming Party (5b)
Duke Otenth Paderborn, the 'Nightingale' session host in his *coughcough* interesting outfit.
The TreeWarming Party (5c) The TreeWarming Party (5d)
The TreeWarming Party (5c)
Duke Otenth Paderborn, the 'Nightingale' session host in his *coughcough* interesting outfit.
The TreeWarming Party (5d)
Duke Otenth Paderborn, the 'Nightingale' session host in his *coughcough* interesting outfit.

Duke Otenth's outfit consisted of Maori-like full-body tattooing, a white tutu, a brown leather jacket with a high collar, steampunk mechanical wings, his usual horns (as in, springbok or something, on his head, not musical instruments), a longish golden-blond hairstyle and a great big magical-girl-type staff (which did nothing as far as I could tell).

I think he just felt quirky that day.

Sir Edward, Earl Primbroke - the second DJ for the event - had his own pictures of the event, too. Here's Duke Otenth's comments, with a much nicer shot of the wing detail. Lady Diamanda mentioned it, but had no pictures.
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[wakes up slowly until a dog steps on her] Augh. [creaks] Oh, thank you for leaving me that to clean up, puppies.

Anyway, I have been duly chided for not having updated in Forever, although trying to get something written for yesterday seemed somewhat... self-defeating somehow. I have, however, managed to miss everything involved with March 1 (in my defence there, my internet WAS out for a week around then until I got a good tech to come to the house), Herself's birthday, St. Patrick's day, Rozberk's birthday, the Equinox and Goddess knows what-all's been on my Flist.

[hangs head]

I'm sorry.

May I offer, to start, this interesting essay from J-List (mostly the first and last paras, although the chimp proves that it's not just celebrities and the rich who're doing this:) )

Let's see... ah! OMG MARTIANS! )

Through complex and torturous means (it's a good thing I'm still kinda stuck on eating Japanese rice and edamame, although the dogs don't eat cheap), I have a second computer, a desktop whose name is '17 Tauri' but is called 'Electra' (spelling optional). Because of Elektra, I can bring you a couple pictures from my 'adventures' in Second Life' which are much, much nicer than before:

Pictures behind the cut, alt-tagged without being reminded *grin*! )

Dogs: Everybody's OK and doing much better with the housebreaking stuff and the chewing stuff, for the most part. Annie managed to wriggle out of her harness; I refused to chase her, so eventually she got bored or anxious enough to come home on her own. Gemma has found a new way out of the yard, said portal not having been located yet (obviously). If it weren't for cars and utter gits, I wouldn't worry so much about them being out. Sirius is still in his denatured Azkaban until he realises he is NOT in charge of domestic security issues - he decided Sesame needed beating on, and I was pre-tired of cleaning up dogblood, so Cait's been coaching me on this problem I've never had to deal with previously. Meissa's platelets are finally back up to normal range, so cross your fingers, and hope she's finally spayed at the end of the month. D'Argo is itchy. Would you believe just about everybody's grown up already? Sirius is the only one still under two years for sure, as I'm still really vague on Sesame's age.

Still looking for a job. I am bad at this, by which I mean I look at the listings and NOTHING seems to fit, so then I get depressed and everything grinds to a halt.

But my LAST CAR PAYMENT is on the verge of getting mailed, so that's one less worry!

And with that, I think that's enough babble for now.
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Click to enlarge, os gwelch yn dda.

What one finds on one's property )
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At least according to my spammail. I have to review my SFF Net Junk folder pretty carefully - for one, I can't have my own self whitelisted.

Meissa's got the same tickish thing that knocked D'Argo down to bony while I was gone in October. Since she had to lose weight before her spay, and she never lost her appetite, it actually had beneficial side effects. Harsh, but useful. She's fine, on antibiotics, and has Yet Another New Appointment. She has also gone through another heat cycle successfully unpuppied.

Miami has had really GOOD front pass through - I had to turn off the ceiling fan and put on two more layers of blanket last night! Good thing the girls curl up around my legs, my feet were freezing.

...no, putting something on my feet would have been too much bother.

If you haven't guessed by now, yes - I have become hooked on Second Life and I'd say it's SuperSelene's fault, except it's also Edward Pearse's fault once I started reading up on things, and Girl Genius's fault in general. [crazed grin] It all added up.

So here I find myself running around virtual Victoriana and doing graphics work for Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and hanging around with people that'd take at least 15 hours to drive to (yes, even the way I drive) — and I don't have to spend fuel money or traffic time, and if I stay up too long the worst that can happen is I'll fall sideways off my seat instead of sideways off the road.

Therefore, I have here pictures of me, in SL (click for the larger picture). And you must know how I am about pictures of me...

Lotsa different places... )
In the meantime, Gwynne went and got me the first three collected trade editions of the new 'Manhunter' comic - SQUEE! Kali was raving about this, and she's right - it's really good storytelling. I have gobbled them up already.
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I've already asked Jared in e-mail, but let's throw this open to the flist. From Blade:
I want to get onto Second Life. I already have a Second Life Half-Life (as it were) waiting for me, courtesy of Herr Wulfenbach and the Matrons (sounds like a rock band) at the Europa Consulate in Caledon. But I need a videocard upgrade first.

You see, I have a persnickety monitor. (I got it on Black Friday 2006. You get what you pay for -- it's 22" wide and quite lovely, but .... weird, technically speaking.) Here are the specs I need in a videocard in order to have it work with my monitor:

~ an AGP slot-type unit.
~ NOT anything that says "QUADRO".
~ must support "WSXGA+" (1680 x 1050)

And according to Second Life, here are my options (using WinXP as I am) for supported videocards (the beefier the better, obviously) that will let me actually get in-world:

~ Nvidia Graphics cards (6000 series: 6700, 6800; 7000 series: 7600, 7800, 7900; 8000 series: 8400, 8500, 8600, 8800; GeForce Go: 7400, 7600, 7800, 7900)
~ ATI Graphics Cards (X800, X900; X1400, X1500, X1600, X1700, X1800, X1900)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to match the requirements in List 1 with one of the cards in List 2, and tell me about it here. Please and thanks. 8D

[Corgi has Dave Barry flashbacks and therefore a fit of the giggles.]
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Girls, are you sick of boys' superior spatial skills? If so, just plant yourself in front of a video game for, say, 10 hours and you'll be prepared for a career in math, science or engineering!

A new study out of the University of Toronto found that video game play improves women's spatial ability... )

*cough*try using Second Life*cough* - technically, it's what's called a MMORPG, 'Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game', but it's also not a game at the same time. Most gamers aren't interested in whether they've got enough inventory to pay the rent, for instance. Building is a big part of participation, and that includes homes and other buildings on one end of the size scale, and clothing detail and jewelry on the other side. The gender ground is effectively levelled, because even those players who have identifiably masculine or feminine names may decide to wear an avatar of the other physical sex, either part-time or full-time - and you have no way of knowing whether their typist is an XX or an XY... and it never really seems to make a difference. (Outside of Caledon and the other civilised areas, your mileage may vary.)

In a related vein, though (no heart-surgery puns intended), take a look at GamerDad:
As a freelance game critic, who had just become a parent, I realized something: I play every game that comes out. I read most websites, most magazines, and am privvy to super-secret press releases. But when I walk into Toys R Us, Best Buy, Target, and look at the games for the kiddies.... I have no clue what's good and what's bad. I realized that the game press has (almost) completely ignored the parents among its readership. For shame!

Then I saw KidsDomain and The Children's Software Revue and, while they're excellent publications for what they do, they don't really satisfy the needs and curiosity of the hardcore gamer. I visited message boards and noticed there's a lot of hardcore gamers out there and many of them want to share gaming with their kids. There's also a lot of moms and dads out there concerned about the negative rap gaming gets in the mainstream press.

GamerDad exists because I think there are parents out there who want straight talk about gaming. Want to share games with their kids or at least learn about what their kids are playing. Maybe they want to talk to other GamerParents and kids about why they love games, why their kids love games, and what games are good.

Oh, that and the fact that I'm also a stay-at-home dad... and I needed something to do during naptime.

(GamerDad just had a mostly-genetic quad bypass after dismissing atypical symptoms of his heart attack for three hours [eek!] before seeking attention - he's doing well and the gamer community really helped out with the bills.) Here's an approach to develop girls' skills AND have fun with your kids AND still be responsible in parenting. :) Not that I think any of you need help, but points of view are always interesting.

Some of you might remember a while ago I picked up on somebody's going off about Bat-family costumes -- the boys got a full, serious Batman or Robin uniform, while girls got cutesified Batgirl miniskirts and stuff that doesn't even LOOK like her uniform in any incarnation. Here's a new non-super one at which Broadsheet's curling a collective lip: 'Sexy Anna Rexia' - 'you can never be too rich or too thin'. HAHAHAHA, oh, that's HILARIOUS, poor self-image killing teenage girls! What a great costume!
...in the annals of "sexy costumes," a micro-industry straddling Halloween garments and fetishwear, flogging flagrantly demeaning images of women is old hat. Along with the nasty nurses uniforms and naughty schoolgirl get-ups, there's the Brick House costume, a brick-patterned minidress with three operable apertures: a door at the crotch and two windows fixed over the breast. The Brick House's date can wear the Brick Layer costume. Funny! The Doll in a Box consists solely of a pink polyfoam box effectively turning a woman's body into a Barbie-like product. The box is labeled "Pretty Polly, the Poseable Dolly!"
Which reminds me, I just accidentally found out from a completely separate source about a very specific subgenre of bondage called 'ponygirls' which is actually kind of fascinating in its out-there-ness and heavy roleplay element. I'll... let you look for yourselves, though. (Yes, there are ponyboys, but apparently they are fairly rare.)

Irrelevant to fetishes, one reason to point this out is another Salon article about a new book pointing out how the ubermacho reaction to 9/11 that keeps being cultivated is also trying to shove women back into a post-WWII role. 'There's the adoration of the firefighters and of the "Let's Roll!" male heroes of Flight 93 -- remembered always for their college sports achievements and their regular-guy toughness -- while the stewardesses who boiled water to throw on the terrorists were written out of the myth.' and 'Faludi concludes Chapter 3 by asking, "If women were ineligible for hero status, for what would they be celebrated?" Well, see Chapter 4: "Perfect Virgins of Grief."' Notice the female war hero most celebrated was passive during most of her misadventure; it's easy to celebrate the victims and the dead, not the living.

She apparently doesn't address the concept of Karen Hughes [*spits to one side*], Condaleezza Rice and Bush's other female appointees/staff, but one could point out that they're cast in the Adoring Supporter roles, each of them. I would remind you of Rice's rather... interesting... 'joke' reference to the soi-disant President as her 'husband' that one time....

I'm not actually rambling here. It makes one wonder - this burgeoning choice of 'sexy' costumes, almost exclusively female-targeted: How is this related to Faludi's summation of the attacks against feminism and women? It can be seen as part of the trivalisation of women as a class, that they're only available as sex toys once they've been pinkified and role-shaped by childhood games and toys. What happens when a busy woman is given a choice between quick (all in a package for $35) and demeaning, or slow (making her own costume) and expressive?

Update time

Aug. 5th, 2007 02:25 am
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(Why did my Semagic lose all my settings? [cusswords])

  • No, no word from anywhere on Gemma, but I still have to check the piece-of-junk phone.

  • Did I mention a man drove by around 7ish yesterday, said he remembered seeing Gemma outside the fence about that same time the day before? So there's some evidence she did what I was expecting.

  • Papered my neighbourhood more on the way home.

  • Man stopped by the house with a little pug on a harness this morning, said he was a lost dog (the pug, obviously) and asked if he were mine. I thought it was a young dog at first, friendly enough, but his eyes look awfully damaged, poor boy. He wrenched away from me when I tried to look at his teeth, so I'm not sure how old he actually is. I told the man he should try getting the pug scanned for a chip at Knowles - maybe he will, he didn't seem to know about ID chips. Hopefully, there is one and the pug will get home.

  • Went to Animal Control and walked the pens. I had to seek out my inner Vulcan to manage my composure - I hate that place and there are certain facts about it that I cannot allow myself to think about. I didn't get to talk to the Lost&Found officer, he just didn't show up while I was there, but I left him two flyers and the appropriate form. Bizarrely, despite not wearing anything like either the Animal Services uniform or the volunteer T-shirt, I kept getting mistaken for someone who worked there. It must have been my aura of familiarity and determined stride. Or something.

Debbie, her dad and sister picked me up and we went to see HP OoP in IMAX 3-D up in Fort Lauderdale. in_the_blue was, of course, right about how well the whole thing worked; it summed up very smoothly and efficiently. Yet another casting director I believe, but this one chose an excellent Luna. They didn't horrid-up Imelda Staunton not half enough, though, but I was amazed and delighted how much Umbridge's office resembled the decor we applied to Dogstar Academy the first April Fool's we pulled. I'm somewhat distressed (with a bit of relief) that despite the better adaptation - so efficient, can we get it nominated? - I wasn't really able to connect to Sirius as much as... likely. On the whole, I felt shorted once again in that direction. Yeeeeesss, I know it's Harry's story, yeahyeahyeah. BTW, Daniel's turning into quite a bit of something there, isn't he? Grint's the terminal character actor, but Dan's going to get pretty much anything he wants.

There was eating of couch and soiling of kitchen while I was gone, but everybody was accountable-for. I just let Annie in under her own power after she was out for a couple hours, playing with Puppy. It's amazing how not worrying about her being there or not relieves my stress (well... mostly not worrying).

One of my new acquaintances on Second Life - yes, I succumbed - had invited me to the party for the opening of his new restaurant. Here's the interesting part - he's a Jägermonster, from Girl Genius. And I was invited as Baron Klaus Wulfenbach. *grin* Yeah, it's a little odd. I still don't feel particularly entitled to speak for the Baron in first person. It's sort of a low-end freeform RP at this point. I invited Supergirl as my... well, my date, so to speak. There was dancing (I have piccies), then there was much lag (system slowdown, chronic whenever there's a lot of people in one place). Unfortunately, some of the lag was personal, for both me and my lovely escort - we both were falling asleep mid-party. so we left separately before the end. I'm being complimented on my appearance, so I've re-created the character as well as I've hoped. He needs better hair, though. That's in the works.

Not a bad day for an ongoing kidnap and repeated sleep deprivation.


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