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There's a Continental flight attendant named 'Edelmarc'. Talk about your College of Arms mundane name rule....
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LJ-cut for the HTML table, because they freak out some Flist styles. I've got one in here expressly for [livejournal.com profile] firedrake_mor; and one because [livejournal.com profile] _audrey just keeps getting BETTER and better; and even though I still do not have a decent 'mystery' icon, at least I have a Wild Wild West one - I'm probably going to use the animated one, but I share.

  Table o' icons! )

Special annotation for Yvonne: The grammar icon's just text, but it's quite amusing. The different frames read as below:
* A populace is what makes a kingdom populous
* "Your stupid"? My stupid what?
* Your throws of ecstacy send me into throes of amusement
* Never enter your PIN number on an ATM machine. You could get the HIV virus.
* You can defuse a bomb. But diffusing it might be a bad idea.
* If you really did have baited breath, you would smell rather fishy.
* I before E except after C or when sounding like A as in neighbor and weigh. Unless it's weird.
* Your is not mine. You're means you are.
* Thru is only a word if you're referring to getting a hamburger in your car.
* Rouge is a color. A rogue isn't.
* Per se means of itself. Per say is only how you pronounce it.
* A horde is a large group, often unruly. To hoard is to gather, and often references dragons.
* Fire is fiery. Burn all misspellings.
* Et cetera does not abbreviate to ect., ecc. or et. Etc.
* E.g. means for example, and i.e. means that is. I.e., always be correct.
* You should definitely spell definitely definitely.
* If you had a D, you wouldn't deserve congratulations.
* A lot is two words. Allot means to distribute.
* The two-N canon, that's official/The three-N cannon shoots a missile/But any more goes far past fanon/There isn't any four-N cannonn.

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OMGOMGOMG O Lady Nut's overarching belly!!

Take THAT, Lochac College of Arms - especially you, Hund-at-the-time.

Last night, being chilly, was unusually clear here. The bestest part of the sky (I'm not biased), comprised of Taurus, Orion, Canis Major and Minor and Argo Navis, sets pretty early on now - Canopus disappears into the horizon-murk around 20:30, 21:00ish, for instance. I was up waytoolate, having been at work until midnight, messing around until midnight-thirty, then talking to [livejournal.com profile] stormrunner for about a half-hour while sitting in the driveway before going in and spending hours on-line for various reasons.

It was, in fact, while talking to the aforementioned M., that I watched the stars straight ahead of me, being due south. There was one that was showing up unusually low - horizon-murk, remember? And trees, whatever foliage Wilma condescended to leave us. This star was arcing the sky even lower than Canopus, and definitely fainter. I can regularly see to about 4th magnitude around here. Kinda pathetic. I made note of the pattern I was looking at (let's see, one straight up from there, and another about the same brightness forming a sort of triangle that shape...) and came inside, eventually accessing first Heavens Above, then StarCalc to try to figure out what I'd been looking at.

For certain, I was observing at least part of Centarus (the Centaur) and Lupus (the Wolf) both. But... how much? What StarCalc told me, I had a hard time believing. I went outside, got my binocs from Ein-y-Gwyn and spotted another star, even further down toward the horizon, straight below where Canopus curves and in a narrow, narrow window of tree-cover. A brighter star, too, than what I'd been looking at before.

I drew the star-patterns on my hand, went back inside and compared: I had just been looking at Alpha Centauri from my very own driveway. THE star-of-stars of science fiction, especially Star Trek. And what's more, backtracking the chart to the time I'd been on the phone -- Crux -- the Southern Cross. No need for trips out to the middle of Biscayne Bay at the Summer Solstice, no astronomical overnights in the Keys required... the Southern Cross that we're not supposed to be able to see from the continental Known World was RIGHT THERE IN MY BACK YARD. I think only Gamma Crucis was really visible, but I also hadn't been using the glasses on it.

I feel so vindicated. :D

And now I'll shut up.
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In commemorating Simon Weisenthal's passing, one of the denizens of SFF Net said 'One of the 36 righteous men is gone.'  Subsequent posts led me to Google for their reference to these thirty-six, the Lamed-Vovniks.

Quotes and links )
woof horizontal rule

In more sober news, but still spiritually related:
NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 23 (UPI) -- New flooding hit New Orleans' low-lying 9th Ward Friday as water poured over a section of the Industrial Canal levee under repair.

The levee had been breached during Hurricane Katrina, causing catastrophic flooding through the neighborhoods of the 9th Ward.

Officials blamed rain and storm surge caused by winds from Hurricane Rita for the high water, the New Orleans Times-Picayune said.

Dozens of blocks were again under water as a wave of water 30 feet wide poured over a dike that had been used to patch breaks in the Industrial Canal.

On the street that runs parallel to the canal, the water ran waist-deep and was rising.

Copyright 2005 by United Press International. All Rights Reserved.
Y'know, if Dennis Hastert wants to bulldoze the whole of New Orleans and, I dunno, put in a golf course or something, shouldn't we do the same thing to Houston?  In fact, let's replace every city hit by a hurricane with a golf course, because there can never be too many places for the rich to spend their leisure, right?  Even if their buildings are the ones getting knocked down.

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If the plural of 'fan' is 'fen', is the plural of 'Firefly flan', 'Firefly flen'?

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Tomorrow is the Shire of Southkeep's la Dia de los Muertos.  Well, technically, it started tonight, but other than [livejournal.com profile] thlroz cookin' her skilled fingers off, there's little going on.  Stuff in the Paludine is almost always daytrip.  I, for those not familiar with me in a SCAdian fashion, shall be site-heralding and also doing the setup for the High Table.  This is where the OCD comes in handy.  There MUST be complete sets of things, they MUST match or be complementary, they MUST be properly washed, wrapped and folded when done with.  Where's the camera?  Maybe I'll take pictures.  Not very medieval, true, but ever so much faster than illumination.
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But first, this link: http://rocr.xepher.net/weblog/archives/001157.html -- AHA!  Of COURSE!  We need the Dutch!!
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A Tale of Two Tabards, Part I )


A Tale of Two Tabards, Part II )


Bumping into people )


Shopping: The Other War Point )
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Aside from everything the SCA is doing internally (cf the activities on the Kingdom of Glenn Abhann's Y!group and the Glenn Abhann Supply Run), I saw something kinda wonderful on my way up to Trimaris's 20th Year Anniversary -- a convoy of between four and six Search&Rescue airboats, headed, undoubtedly, for the northern Gulf Coast.

How utterly appropriate, that the Everglades should go help the bayou!

(mutters something few will understand about 'Swamplords of Trimaris, help from below!')

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Repeated with blanket permission:
Fantasy, SciFi & Gamers Relief Effort

Sept. 1
I'm an experienced emergency worker (7 yrs volunteer firefighter, 2 yrs stormspotter & CERT (Civilian Emergency Response Team)). Mercedes Lackey and I have an existing charitable foundation we are turning towards the effort of helping the fantasy, scifi, and roleplaying games fans hit by Katrina.

When Katrina was coming in, I packed up my rescue gear for activation, and began putting together a civilian relief convoy to help out the Gulf Coast fandom. The high-level dispatch I saw today is, in as many words, "Nobody Goes In" during the continued, and perhaps complete, evacuation of the Gulf Coast. The only aid people that are being specifically asked for at the moment, through my channels, are fast water rescue teams.

So, the angle of the fan/pro/gamer aid effort I've been assembling is now shifting on the fly---from one of going in with supplies for those who stayed and pulling out those left homeless, to instead, locating the fans who HAVE evacuated, and relocating them to places they can get back on their feet. We'll be taking some in ourselves up here in Oklahoma. We have room and resources in house for six or so people and our contractor is readying to rebuild the garage into a bunkhouse to accomodate up to 22 at any one time.
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And lastly (e-dresses edited for courtesy):
From: K[...] @aol.com
Date: September 2, 2005 11:31:02 PM MDT
To: M[...] @earthlink.com
Subject: Fwd: [gdh] Fwd: Robert Asprin Status

Thought you'd want to know this.  Leave it to Madrugada to actually get hold of the man.  At least we know more of what's going on.

Obviously, you can share this with anyone else who wants to know.

Hugs -- K

From: Barbara <r[...] @merr.com>
Date: September 2, 2005 7:25:07 PM MDT
To: [...] @ki.org
Subject: [gdh] Fwd: Robert Asprin Status

Subject: Robert Asprin Status

    Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 23:16:19 +0000

    Greetings to all. I have spoken with Bob again and have the following to

    - He is fine. ...

    - There are about 300 - 500 people left in the Quarter and all of them are doing

    - They have plenty of canned food (and manual can openers) and they have plenty
    of bottled water. Bob mentioned that he still has 3 2-liter bottles of soda to
    go through before he has to resort to water.

    - Most of the French Quarter is and has been dry all along. The highest the
    water came for them, even during the height of the storm, was up to the curbs.
    The area in which Bob lives and which also contains my condo did not even take
    any wind damage - other than the two trees which fell on either side of the
    "throw me somethin'" Jesus at the Cathedral. He said that one chimney in the
    Quarter had fallen, but that was it.

    - There has been no uncontrolled looting in the Quarter, and no roving groups of
    folks with guns in the Quarter. So they are safe and they have plenty of food
    and water.

    - One of the most amazing things that Bob told me was that they are still
    getting deliveries of cold beer at the one and only bar in the Quarter which has
    remained open. Lord only knows how they are getting it through.

    - The police and the national guard and the military know that they are there.
    But with the situation in the rest of the City, they are very low priority for

    - Bob is aware that, as soon as it is practical, he should (and will) leave. He
    is aware that there is a risk of fire and that he should be mindful of that
    risk. Should fires break out in the Quarter, he can make his way down to
    Harrahs, which is the police command post. (So he does have a plan, should fire
    break out.)

    - In the meantime, they will sit tight and wait for the authorities to come
    through and tell them that it is time to leave. The most annoying thing to Bob
    is that it is boring and he can't flush his toilet.

That's Yang. He's got cold beer, he's bored, and the toilet won't flush.  Man lives a charmed life...

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We're in the single digits.

9 hours, 45 minutes and 29 seconds...!

I missed posting my missing chapter of Comparisons (G0F 35)in the Quill by mere hours. I knew working the late shift was going to mess me up, but they needed the coverage. Drat. Silly mistake, too -- I just missed pasting it in when I was uploading other chapters....

Want to work on my icons. *whine* Not as classy as, say, [livejournal.com profile] ashavah's, but I hope they fill a gap.

Forget the Time Turner -- I want Gay Deceiver to come pick me up, turn my reality 90 degrees from current so I can get some sleep, come back, pick up The Book, go read it in piece, and THEN come back and do heraldry. Let's hear it for the Z-axis.

(Why am I still here?)

9 hours, 34 minutes and 57 seconds
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Not too much on my mind, other than trying to get everything to fit in my schedule. There's an appointment with the accountant, and of course work, and buying dog food, and attending Their Majesties of Trimaris, and visiting our neighbor shire-let to the south this weekend... and everything on-line at the same time.

And I don't even have human kids. Makes me feel like a bit of a whiner to even tick off a list....

Anyway, I've been being compulsively creative, on a low level -- Yin, maybe you can look these over and give me some hints. More Amazonian Icons

[livejournal.com profile] awelkin, look! Zatanna icons! Did them partly 'cause of you. *beam*

And since I have a bunch of these saved up, let's see if we can work a theme here....

A More Unique Hogwarts Sorting Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla
2 out of 3 tries. *sigh* Only time I've had this result getting Sorted. )

Harry Potter Quiz: Which Hogwarts Professor Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
This'd suit Medeni better! )
(Has really nice 'stickers' for the results....)

Harry Potter Ship Archetype Sorter
brought to you by Quizilla
No surprise )

What About The Harry Potter Movies Annoys You Most?
brought to you by Quizilla
Actually, what annoys me most is their obstinate, ignorant casting people. )

Which Harry Potter Characters Are You The Child Of?
brought to you by Quizilla
Oh... now. This is just SILLY. )


May. 28th, 2003 05:42 pm
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For some reason, and it had better not be a stress reaction, I have been smaxed down by my traitorous body and am therefore at home, missing a whole day of work. Yesterday, not to be too graphic about it, my lunch disagreed with me violently, and I think the overall body-ache and headache are aftershocks of same. I object.

Anyway, Turgenar requested an Event Report from the Coronation of their Trimarian Majesties, Odo et Elena, soooo....

'All rise for their Most Royal Majesties...!' )

I'm feeling mostly better at this point, after considerable napping and aspirin and antihistamines.

Let's see... let's find some SCAdianish quizzes to plunk in here:

Which Trimarian Queen Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
Me? Queen? Hah. )

Which Trimarian Household Should You Join?
brought to you by Quizilla
Funny... I helped FOUND Clan FarFlung.... )

Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?
This quiz was made by the proper Victorian ladies at Spookbot
Considering he was Welsh (sort of), you'd think I'd like him better.... )

What Celtic Goddess are You? (With pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla
Anything Celt is fine with me! )


May. 23rd, 2003 03:49 pm
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If anybody's looking for me for any reason, I am off being Her Majesty of Trimaris's herald after work today (Friday), and won't be back anywhere w/ access until Monday...

...unless I have withdrawal freakouts and hit a Kinko's in Orlando.
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Here's an SCA-ish entry -- translations available on request and prodding.

Some years ago, my shire decided to invest in nice place-settings for when royalty came down to visit -- rare, but it did happen. So I got to do the shopping, and had great fun doing so.

Then, many years later, after I threw fearsome hissy-fits at finding most of the linens vanished from the box, glass candleholders broken, etc, I restored the feast gear and said 'MINE!!!' and have been caring for it since.

I added 8 placesettings so we could seat a fairly full High Table to the 4 we had, and got 95% of the flatware to go with it. I say 95% because there's only one set-of-three for two 'royal' settings, and I'm missing... erm, 4 teaspoons out of 8 for the below-the-salt settings.

I hate things not matching up. Yes, ladeez and gennlemen, this is Classic Fannish Obsessive/Compulsiveness at work -- must have SETS of things! *wink*

So this past paycheque I've been able to indulge in buying serving gear for said High Table -- nice-looking 'crystal' plasticware that won't break either hearts or budgets if it gets broken, but isn't dead cheap either.

I've been trying to find that flatware on-line so I can complete it, but there's a problem -- I have no idea who made it or what it's called, except the closest I've got to it so far is a pattern from Marshall Fields called 'Black Lily'. And THAT is way too expensive.

So what I'm probably going to go with, if I can find it somewhere, is Michael Aran's 'Santa Fe' pattern, one pair (of placesettings) in polished, one pair in matte-black. It's not exactly the same, but it DOES have three-tined forks (VERY good selling point) and it is cheaper than the more-similar Pier 1 design (w/ four tines, baaaad) or the 'Black Lily'.

Want the inventory of the serving gear? *fanatic grin*

Oh, and just because they were clever -- picked up a dozen of these cobalt-glass fish-shaped... 'snack dishes' they called them. Goes with the Trimarian sea theme. Heh. Don't know what to put IN them, but we'll think of something.

Hmmm... salt spoons and butter-knives? Hmmmm....
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(not like she was missing or anything.... *heh*)

So I cribbed these quizzes:

When are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
I am Midnight. What a surprise. :) )

To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
brought to you by Quizilla
I am the Rohirrim. Ride 'em, Cowdog! )

Which book of the Bible are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
I am the Book of Romans. Huh. )

(Got the same thing as R.J.... Well, that's certainly not bad....) I'll have to mention this last quiz to Debbie. She'll get a kick out of it.

I'm feeling quite accomplished. As I said, I finally did D'Argo's page -- yes, he was named after the character in *SNIFFLE* Farscape. I've also finally done that pesky Calendar for my shire which refused to update itself by force of will or something. One more webby project to go, and I'll feel caught up -- and that's making a gallery page, like D'Argo's, for Southkeep's sister-shire in Drachenwald, Ad Flumen Caerulum.
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Since Percival asked, I shall tell you a bit about the event. The Shire of Sangre del Sol is the SCA branch just north of my own group, but I'm practically a member of it anyway -- in fact, sometimes I do more Sangre stuff than Southkeep stuff.


Ahem. Anyway, they do a bardic event every year - this was 'Courtly Love & Midnight Passions,' but by the time I got there, I didn't see much of anything like that. I had a late start because I had to feed the dogs (and I Don't Do Mornings); then I got halfway there (it's about a 90-minute drive) just to realise I'd forgotten something important. Arg.

So I got there around 15:00, alas. For reasons which escape me, it was a very small event; the event site is in the Shire of Sea March, but not as many of that group showed up as usual.

We still all had a nice time, though - mostly sitting and talking about anything and everything, with a few classes going on. Feast was well done, being 'hedgehogs' (a sort of large meatball) and a chicken-in-pastry, and yummy saute├ęd apples for the sweet.

The event raised money for the maintenance of a Komodo dragon residing in Palm Beach County's Dreher Park Zoo. With only a couple dozen people participating, the shire collected over $200! Go, Sangre!
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Heh. Figured it out, mostly. What I can't figure yet is why I keep getting URLs input when I try to use my LJ client... type, BAM. It's quite odd.

For those of you who might care, I'll be AFK most of Saturday due to the Sangre del Sol Bardic Event.

Yes, I know I have pictures and calendars to do.... *sigh*


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