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At least according to my spammail. I have to review my SFF Net Junk folder pretty carefully - for one, I can't have my own self whitelisted.

Meissa's got the same tickish thing that knocked D'Argo down to bony while I was gone in October. Since she had to lose weight before her spay, and she never lost her appetite, it actually had beneficial side effects. Harsh, but useful. She's fine, on antibiotics, and has Yet Another New Appointment. She has also gone through another heat cycle successfully unpuppied.

Miami has had really GOOD front pass through - I had to turn off the ceiling fan and put on two more layers of blanket last night! Good thing the girls curl up around my legs, my feet were freezing.

...no, putting something on my feet would have been too much bother.

If you haven't guessed by now, yes - I have become hooked on Second Life and I'd say it's SuperSelene's fault, except it's also Edward Pearse's fault once I started reading up on things, and Girl Genius's fault in general. [crazed grin] It all added up.

So here I find myself running around virtual Victoriana and doing graphics work for Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and hanging around with people that'd take at least 15 hours to drive to (yes, even the way I drive) — and I don't have to spend fuel money or traffic time, and if I stay up too long the worst that can happen is I'll fall sideways off my seat instead of sideways off the road.

Therefore, I have here pictures of me, in SL (click for the larger picture). And you must know how I am about pictures of me...

Lotsa different places... )
In the meantime, Gwynne went and got me the first three collected trade editions of the new 'Manhunter' comic - SQUEE! Kali was raving about this, and she's right - it's really good storytelling. I have gobbled them up already.
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It's hard to remember when I have to clean up what Meissa did in/to the crate, and Puppy steals my Kleenex box, and Annie chews on my good sewing scissors, and Gemma gets out again, and I have a bruise from where Dog nipped me accidentally trying to get to Sirius (who refuses to stay in the kitchen when I tell him to)....

It's not Meissa's fault, however, that our DEAR vet, after all this time and fuss, told me she was too fat to operate on this morning. Mind you, all the indoor dogs went all night without water for the one, and I swear I have The World's Thirstiest Dogs. I promptly threw a migraine aura, just like that (but didn't get much pain from it, thankfully). I really thought the whole concern would be over with today, but no, he's stringing it out for Goddess-knows-how-long.

Hmm... oh, yes, after the last time Annie got out, somehow sans harness, said harness finally turned up, under her favourite fence-hole. She hadn't chewed through it; she hadn't snapped the hook off the cable tether this time. No, the meter-or-so of tether still neatly hooked on has the cable snapped in the middle. Quality product, hooyah. *fume*

Puppypictures! At least a few. (Thumbnails) )
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These shoulda gone up Sundayish, but.... LJ Scrapbook table o' thumbnails )
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Sirius and more in Batch 38.

Not the best crop-and-tweak jobs, but I'm rushed for time.
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Especially with That Voice, has anybody ever pointed this out before? I'm not in that loop.

woof horizontal rule

Batch 37! Videos from Indianapolis (that's seven dogs, seven, mostly corgis and not even including Bosworth and Clyde), photos from there, the trip back, and various kinds of chaos at home.

I've got a few more in the camera, didn't get them prepped yet, so check back late Monday for additions.
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Happy belated birthdays to people who'll never read this - Jason 'Should have been Sirius Black' Carter on the 23rd, and Shane 'Son of Robert' Conrad on the 24th.

Happy almost-shared birthday (the 28th) to [livejournal.com profile] snowjag, who with [livejournal.com profile] lazydwarf bought me a Diet Pepsi for my birthday. ^_^ She shares a birthday with [livejournal.com profile] mme_publisher and [livejournal.com profile] kriscynical — excellent company!

I had a reasonably unproblematic drive (sleepiness issues while dark, frustrating and inconvenient), a lovely visit with [livejournal.com profile] annechen67 and her family, and since arriving at Myfanwy's... well, take a look at Batch 36. Yes, that's seven dogs, no waiting. Not even including the neighbours! (It might take me a little while to get them all labelled, though - Panera's about to toss me outside and Myfi's connexion's kinda slow.)

This trip coverage brought to you by Lodge Manufacturing, makers of cast iron cookware for a very long time; and Panera Bread, home of free wireless and the Dutch Apple & Raisin bagel, just not at this location at this hour.
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Batch 35 and some pictures of EARS from Myfanwy

woof horizontal rule

Meanwhile, [livejournal.com profile] xianghua has adorable dog (pet)-image jewelry for sale and commission at ShinyStuff.us. Please consider ordering something — she just lost her young assistance dog to an unexpected and entirely tragic illness, and is trying to raise money to replace her.

More on this when my battery isn't dying!
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My kids, while being cute and all, have done nothing particularly photogenic while I've been anywhere near a camera. So instead, I bring you the puppies at Myfanwy's instead!

There's two sets of photos, one sent 17Aug, the other 30Aug - the difference in the boys is drastic. Take a look at Batch 34.
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Last week I completely neglected to mention that as of that week (which I should have posted on Lammas, really) the corgwn were 9 months old (oy!), Annie was probably 5 months and ickle Sirius was 3 months! Erm... on the 5th, was it? [livejournal.com profile] xianghua, [livejournal.com profile] myfanwy, which is it?

That sounds like some sort of mathematical progression, but far be it from me to identify it.


Though there weren't going to be any pictures, and there nearly weren't, because as soon as I got the camera, the whole lot of dogs stopped doing what I wanted you to see. Brats. No more Suitor pictures, he seems to've taken his discouragement and gone away after a day or two. Thankfully, Gemma seems to be on the downcycle end of this; Meissa's a day or two behind, I think. Annie has her spay scheduled for a month after the corgis. And then we just have to worry about dognappers again instead of canine promiscuity and dognappers!

So here's all two-more of Batch 33, and you might as well see them here:

Annie has a tendency to be vertically-seeking... and D'Argo isn't fond of being a stepladder. )

Gemma and Annie can play pretty rough(-looking) at times. )

woof horizontal rule

Meanwhile, I have laundry and dishes (how exciting for you all to know this!)... and this stupid recurrent headache for which I can't quite pin down the triggers, but it tends to ruin my day and suppress whatever vague flickers of creativity I might be desperately trying to fan. It's not anywhere near as bad as the day it sent me home from work, and it's not even as bad as if I hadn't taken some stuff (i.e., analgesics and well, now I'm not sure if they're decongestants or antihistamines; but cold/allergy meds) before bed and when the kids got me up.

But I should be able to swat it enough to go see Pirates after Ma gets home from the Veterans of Foreign Wars stuff. I'd rather not lock up the kids, although... she's not much of a puppysitter, is she.

ETA: Scumbunnies, the cinema I've the free ticket for isn't SHOWING Pirates. I'll have to go see Miami Vice instead. Grumble. I wanted shiny opticals....

woof horizontal rule

And Annie ate the frame off my $60 Panasonic RP-HC70 headphones. I have to dangle the speaker-wires over the top of my head to use what's left.
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When I went to get the girls in after their 7 AM 'let-us-out-Mam', I found all four dogs playing with a new friend. A new, male, UNNEUTERED friend, who had apparently slipped into the yard through a gap just large enough in the driveway gate.

Thankfully, nobody had started much in the way of romance - I think they were all just delighted with a new playmante - and they actually came inside when I called them, except for Annie (the brat). Two+ hours later, I went outside, chased him all around the house and blocked the gate after he exited, leaving him forlorn outside the chain-link.

[rubs temples] At least it's not a harem.

The Suitor (1) The Suitor (2)
The Suitor (1)

At least he's, erm, in scale.
The Suitor (2)

It's a long, long, lonely driveway....

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I would have been more on-time with this, but Certain Witches were hogging the Semagic.

Batch 32! (with a bunch of photos from Myfanwy of Sirius (and Samwise), some of which actually belong to Batch 31)

woof horizontal rule

Also, I promised Blade that I'd show her what a Royal Poinciana (Flamboyant, Delonix regia) looks like:
woof horizontal rule

And just because:

FIRST SIRIUS SIGHTING, WHAHOOOO!! His helical rising was actually August 1 according to one website, but A: that's still too close to the sun to see anything that date, B: Miami's horizons aren't, unless you take a boat out onto the Bay and hope it's a clear morning on top of that. I was working an overtime shift, that, once I got through with work and packing up and Panera and driving home and getting attacked by puppies and all, made it feasible for me to stay up that little bit longer to look to the horizon, such as it is (between roofs and trees, actually).

I had some entertainment of a sort while I waited - Mercury was conjuncting Venus! Now, Venus is so easy to spot (she's apparently around full phase right now, too), but figuring out which glimmer was Mercury? A little trickier. This is only the second time I've ever knowingly seen the planet. Horizon issues, remember? As the sky started to glow gemstone blue, it became more apparent when the speck of off-white below Venus brightened a little, to my eye, instead of fading like the stars. I tried taking a photo.


'Tried' is the operative word.

Take a look, if you want to have a snigger. Curse my sudden but inevitable poor low-light photography!

I got all vexed by clouds to the south, thought I'd spotted Sirius struggling through the excessive humidity, went inside to do... oh, something, came back out to look again and realised I'd been rooked by a ringer. Hey, c'mon! They were heavy clouds, it would have been the right amount of filtering, and the star was in the right place at the right time! (It might have been Murzim, beta Canis Majoris.) Here is the real thing. Yes, it's another pathetic photo, but it's better than nothing. Isn't it? Kinda?

Through my binoculars, Sirius looked gorgeous. That low in the sky, his light was getting refracted like crazy, so the effect was that he glittered prismatically, flashes of red, blue, green... really beautiful. And also shining very strongly against a sky that had definitely lightened to a luminous, transparent lapis blue.

Now to wait a month or so, so I can see him at more convenient times....
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If anybody has problems with the table format, let me know in e-mail and I will remedy it tout suite. I know they weird out some Flist styles.

This is little Sirius! I keep biting my tongue on adding 'Junior' after the name....

Puppybasket! Giving the eye Nosespots

From myfanwy - puppy transport device.
Giving the eye

From myfanwy - (real blue!!) Is that a 'are you lookin' at me?' face or what?

From myfanwy - she thinks his nose is adorable. Well... /yeah/. He's a Sirius. They're adorable all over.

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Yes, I'm late, but that's partly 'cause I'm on dialup. That's my story. Still overall a slow photo week - I haven't been able to watch the kids out front climbing on the meleleuca stumps like Ma's seen them do - but here's Batch 30 nonetheless, and some VERY SPECIAL PHOTOS from Myfanwy, who said:

Made it back home very late last night - here are the first pictures of the corgis in Indianapolis. Summer, Samwise, and.....

..... Sirius!!

I wonder whose puppy HE could be??

Yes, ladies and the rare gentleman or two, I have been Schemed. ^_^

woof horizontal rule

Kit the Brave wanted oxytocin molecule icons, she gets oxytocin molecule icons:

woof horizontal rule

Buckminsterfullerene is the State Molecule of Texas. Um... yeah. :facepalm: )
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Gotcher Batch 29 rightchere... including a little video showing crazy dogs playing. I was trying to make sure to get one of Annie's funny run-and-jump pool splashes, and this is pretty close.

They got to play in the pool on July 4th, because amazingly, I had the day off; and then again on Saturday. If I was feeling better over the weekend, I might have taken them out to Rickenbacker Beach, where the older ones swam before, but not this time. They enjoyed themselves immensely in plain ol' Miami city water, believe me, although after the replacement pool went and deflated on me AGAIN (this is the good pool, not the tacky thing from K-Mart), I'll concede it's my problem, not the pool's. Must trade in inadequate hand-pump for a vinyl repair kit and get some credit back.

I'm sure I had something else to say, but I've quite forgotten. Oh, Ma's been telling me that I've got mountain goats for puppies - at least Annie has climbed up on top of the maleleuca stumps we've got in the front yard to survey her domain. I gotta get a shot of that.

I'm posting from the Allapattah branch tonight, and this car is sweltering. Yes, I've got the windows closed and the doors locked, ya think I'm crazy?
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This is not a puppy - this is me being a cheerful, sleepy lemming:

watch sff-corgi fight

woof horizontal rule

These are puppies (Batch 28!)

Gemma and Annie both tried to be carsick while we were noodling around South Florida for hours and hours this afternoon. Thankfully and wisely, I had not fed them lunch (being cruel to be kind).

woof horizontal rule

July 2 is (was) James West's birthday. Woohoo! Let's hear it for one of the great heroes of American steampunk.


Thinking of steampunk, these two photos are for [livejournal.com profile] blueeyedtigress and [livejournal.com profile] annechen67 in particular:

A-one... ) ...anna two. )
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Einstein Bros. Bagels Look, I'm on time this week! [swats at flies] Today, I'm posting from Einstein Brothers at 202 Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. Unfortunately, being a goyische bagel place, they had no bialys. The outside tables do, however, have too many flies [wavewaveshoo].

Batch 27 is uploaded, titled and captioned. This week, the puppies got to try out their own pool for the first time. Unfortunately, the pool was not up to it - even though I didn't have the problems with D'Argo pouncing on it and therefore popping it that I had anticipated, it still managed to fail with very little effort. Both the bottom rings of the three-ring wall structre failed by leaking - air out from the orange ring, water in to the bottom pink ring. The sprinkler-fountain rim must have been assembled wrong-side out, because as soon as I applied water pressure, it soaked everything outside of it -- all the spouts pointed out in a nice flat plane. It's been raining (very nice rain, incidentally) for two days, so if I can ever get it dry, it's going back. The pump I bought at the same time just plain didn't work, so K-Mart's getting a snarl from me this week.

I happened by a Toys-R-Us that had a PERFECT substitute, though - it's foldable, like those tents and beach-shelters and car sunscreens. The rim inflates for comfort and structure, AND it has a drain-plug in the bottom. Excellent! No worries about piercing!

Today, I got caught up with my sleep, then promptly got a headache [roll eyes]. At least it's one I can work through, mostly.

Then Ma and I went out hunting bagels and wireless, have been mostly successful — and need to get back to the horde.
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Batch 26 is now annotated, if anybody thinks they missed anything.
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From and for [livejournal.com profile] blueeyedtigress and [livejournal.com profile] selenesue -- Blade had spotted this photo in [livejournal.com profile] giza's LJ (here) and thought it was terribly iconable. So of course, my favourite vulpine had to get the high sign. She thought it didn't need any text, so here's a variety of border treatments:

Fox and Hounds (00)   Fox and Hounds (01a)   Fox and Hounds (01b)

Fox and Hounds (01c)   Fox and Hounds (02a)    

woof horizontal rule

And, of course, since I'm running late AGAIN: Puppypictures! Batch 26 is up, but is not labelled/tagged/captioned yet. I'm up too late for that, I'll do it later.
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Batch 25 is now ready for your perusal! Rawhide! Fights! Impressionistic art!

Also, this is what kept me occupied yesternight:
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At least for the moment. Somebody likely tossed this urchin into our front yard. She seemed healthy, well-fed... except if Meissa's been a tick bus, this puppy was a tick 747. [insert shudder here] Let me put it this way: the inside of her ears weren't black because they were dirty. On the whole, she was very good about being bathed and plucked at with tweezers by a complete stranger. And for some reason, she smelled like she'd been living in a car engine....

Ma immediately proclaimed that if she's in our yard, she's ours, and dubbed her Annie, but now she's having second thoughts, mostly because the volume level of two corgwn and a boxer all barking at Annie while they're playing is nigh unto deafening. (Curiously, Annie's not really barking back all that much, although she has barked.) Eh, we'll see. Inertia is your friend.

So here is Batch 24 for your viewing pleasure: Annie the New Puppy plays with everybody


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