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Here ( http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjE0Nzc3NzI4.html ) is apparently the last, or one of the last full-length and clear recordings of Rhianna's live performance of "Disturbia" at the 2008 MTV Awards available to view on-line -- apparently her label's Marketing Department thought Sherman's March to the Sea was a promotional model and have even forced MTV to take down that portion of their OWN recording of their OWN show.

The mad/zombie choreography's lots of fun (although a leetle hard to piece together here due to editing). I'm imagining a handful of fen dressed up as UNITY from Skin Horse with Tip as Rhianna doing this at a Masquerade now.

Tags: corporate overreaction, in yer face
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At least, we're finding that more often than before. Turns out Delia Derbyshire is the person REALLY responsible for the much-beloved and iconic Doctor Who theme music.

Watch a performance of an arrangement she might have really got a kick out of - Doctor Who on Zeusaphone!
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After the comments about The Police's 'Every Breath You Take' here and here (short trips), I think we should share songs we appreciate but know that the mundanes (so to speak) are blasting them out their car speakers without a single clue of what they're declaring.

Sting's hummable anthem to stalkery obsession )
I think it's the 'I dream at night, I can only see your face' line that confuses the unaware. That sounds sooooo romaaaaaantic. *snigger*

Here's my favourite, especially when they play it really loud at the Republican National Convention. Makes me laaaauuuugh....

The Boss's bitter Viet Nam vet sings )
...'course, the current soi-disant 'Republicans' seem to kinda like killing non-whites, so maybe they do know what they're playing.
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Muzak 'Every Breath You Take'.

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For those who haven't seen this yet, a group of Texas hardcore electronix geeks figured out a way to make Tesla coils sing. The longer, more precise, technical explanation is here:

...but the short form, if I understand correctly, is that the electronic input device - keyboard, guitar, microphone, whatever - sends its signal to something like an oscilloscope, which transforms the signal into light pulses. The light tells the Tesla coil to turn off and on, easily 400 times or more per second, depending on the pitch of the original sound. This provides modulation of the coil's otherwise-inaudible steady frequency. The optical input provides safety as well as precision - no chance the operator's going to get electrocuted.

Here's some of the Geek Group's Greatest Zeusophone Duet Hits:
Thanks to cerrberus and Blade who did the most of the bringing-to-my-attentionness.
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I'm likely to be AFK until Friday (Thursday at the very least), so I have to ask you a favour.


But first, to wrap up Women's History Month in a bunchy clump, here's the last six profiles:

Ada BlackjackMarch 27:
Ada Blackjack

March 28:
Anna Garlin Spencer
Anna Garlin Spencer

Emma BrunskillMarch 29:
Emma Brunskill

If you Google for Emma Brunskill's latest work, you'll see she's been involved in ambulatory robot studies. Very technical page, though.

March 30:
Laurie Anderson
Laurie Anderson

On September 16, 2005, Laurie’s exhibition The Waters Reglitterized opened at the Sean Kelly Gallery in New York City. According to the press release by Sean Kelly, The Waters Reglitterized is a diary of dreams and their literal recreation as works of art. This work, created in the process of re-experiencing or re-working her dreams while awake, uses the language of dreams to investigate the dream itself. The resulting pieces include drawings, prints and high definition video. The installation ran until October 22, 2005. In 2006, she contributed a song to Plague Songs, a collection of songs related to the 10 Biblical plagues.

Laurie Anderson narrated Ric Burns's Andy Warhol: The Documentary Film, which was first televised in September 2006 as part of the PBS American Masters series. Anderson also performed in Came So Far For Beauty, the Leonard Cohen tribute event held in The Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland on October 4 and 5, 2006.

Recently, through her web site, Laurie announced a re-release of her first album, Big Science, on Nonesuch Records, a DVD box set containing her short films and the concert movie Home of the Brave, a book of drawings titled Night Life, and a new album to be released in 2008, Homeland.Wikipedia

Wonder Woman Elizabeth Holloway Marston March 31:
Elizabeth Holloway Marston
Virginia 'Ginny' Heinlein Virginia 'Ginny' Heinlein


woof horizontal rule

Here's the 'favour' part. I'm not going to have much access, if at all, because Myfanwy is ever-so-delightfully dragging me away from my various burdens (and puppies) for a day or two to visit lovely Gaithersburg, north of Washington, D.C. We'll drive back and visit the Poodle Breeder Previously Blogged About, too.

However, this means I won't be able to do my webcomics votingespecially since the turnover is on Sunday, when I'll be back, but Myfi with or without boychild, might still be visiting here.

Can you please take a few minutes (5, 10 if your pages load slowly), and indulge your buried urge to just click like crazy? (c.f. 'Oooo, ticky-box!') Especially on April 1 (no joke)? Top Web Comics and WebbedComics turn over at midnight Pacific (GMT-7, currently); BuzzComix is every 24 hours, from whenever you vote.
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St. Patrick's Day double-header! (Did you know he was originally Welsh?)

Rosalyn Sussman YalowMarch 17:
Rosalyn Sussman Yalow

March 17:
Amy Beach
Amy Beach

Yes... I know they're not Irish-American. Deal. ;)
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Better timing today. ^_^ Better timing than the first time this was posted, too.

Lena HorneMarch 5:
Lena Horne

BTW, irrelevant to Lena, did you know Canadian Women's History Month is October?
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] in_the_blue who found not only a copy, but a GOOD copy, and a copy that'll display on LiveJournal!!! [livejournal.com profile] heidi8, I've got a site to extract Flash if necessary!

The Police at the Grammys, 2007 )
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At least for... oh, this month. We can all use the ROFL. I'm quoting the whole thing, but [livejournal.com profile] annechen67 posted it here:

The original is I'm Gonna Be (500 miles) by The Proclaimers from their album Sunshine on Leith. I am rather sure they never intended this use of their music.

When I wake up yeah I know I'm gonna blog
I'm gonna blog the dream I had of fighting gnus
When I go out yeah I know I'm gonna blog
I'm gonna blog the man who irritates me too
If I get drunk yes I know I'm gonna blog
I'm gonna be the one who posts drunk shabble fu
And if I haver yeah I know I'm gonna blog
I'm gonna post all the havering to you

Oh, I will have five hundred friends,
and I will have five hundred more,
Just to be the blogger with a thousand friends,
can you say 'attention whore'?

When I'm working yes I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be complaining on the net about what I do
And when I get paid for surviving in this zoo
I'll get a faster ISP to post new pics of Hugh
When I come home yeah I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the one who logs on to Big Blue
And if I grow old well I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the one who's faking youth to you

Oh, I will have five hundred friends,
and I will have five hundred more,
Just to be the blogger with a thousand friends,
can you say 'attention whore'?
O-M-G! (o-m-g)
O-M-G! (o-m-g)
O-M-G, L-O-L, R-O-T-F-L!
O-M-G! (o-m-g)
O-M-G! (o-m-g)
O-M-G, L-O-L, R-O-T-F-L!

When I'm lonely yes I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be constructing slashfic with a grue
When I'm dreaming yes I know I'm gonna dream
about the posts I write that are metaquoted too
When I go out yeah I know I'm gonna blog
I'm gonna blog the man who irritates me too
When I come home yeah I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the one who logs on to Big Blue
I’m gonna be the one who’s blogging this one too

Oh, I will have five hundred friends,
and I will have five hundred more,
Just to be the blogger with a thousand friends,
can you say 'attention whore'?
O-M-G! (o-m-g)
O-M-G! (o-m-g)
O-M-G, L-O-L, R-O-T-F-L!
O-M-G! (o-m-g)
O-M-G! (o-m-g)
O-M-G, L-O-L, R-O-T-F-L!

Oh, I will have five hundred friends,
and I will have five hundred more,
Just to be the blogger with a thousand friends,
can you say 'attention whore'?

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(Purchased songs are encoded using a protected AAC format that prevents them from being converted.)
Thank you SO much, guys, for making sure I knew I was going to spend my time (and paltry sum) downloading something I can only play on my computer and nowhere else. Gits. *DEINSTALL*

Yes, G, still mightily peeved.
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You sure? You've tried your best? )

Hmmm, looks like SETI@home, heh
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Here's a great game for you. Unfortunately, the official Virgin sweepstakey part ended two and a half months ago, but it's still a fun challenge.

Go to this page: http://www.scheifer.f2s.com/guess.html - open up the hi-res copy of the art for best clarity.

Here you will find Virgin Music's wallpaper which depicts puzzle versions of the names of 74 of their artists, such as the Smashing Pumpkins. Can you figure out the other 73? Some of them are easy, even I got them. I expect that if [livejournal.com profile] in_the_blue or [livejournal.com profile] lostinapapercup have the time to do it, they'll mop the floor with me. Use the checker incrementally to avoid frustration! Enter and check one name at a time.

And... I'd like to know how you did. :)
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The other day I saw a man, in suit and tie, noodling around the credit union's car park on a skateboard. He also apparently was talking on his mobile phone at the same time. It was the suit part that really made me grin.

woof horizontal rule

Meissa seems to be finally getting a clear concept of housebreaking... except, Meissa dear, when you need to go, you're supposed to poo after you get out the door, not before. But thank you for asking for 'out' anyway.

woof horizontal rule

I really need to wash my hair but the puppies have used up all the towels the right size. Meh. And it's a pain anyway.

woof horizontal rule

Due to the generosity of [livejournal.com profile] myfanwy, I've finally got around to watching Moulin Rouge!. Although there's various aspects of it that were enjoyable, as a whole it's not turned out to be a film I'm actually crazy about. Considering I love Strictly Ballroom, this was a little disappointing.

The music is anachronistic and intriguingly built. One medley covers about a half-a-dozen pop hit from over the past decade or two, including something from U2. A few minutes later, there's a snippet of filked Bowie. I knew Sting had to show up in that kind of company, and sure enough, one of the most involving scenes has 'Roxanne' remixed as a tango, roared out by a narcoleptic Argentinean character played by a Polish Australian. Now that is a medley.

The cast is excellent; Ewan's and Nicole's voices surprised everybody. Ewan especially has a sound that makes me think he'd be well-suited to Sting's catalog - there's something of that same howl in his voice. I thought both their performances were moving.

Richard Roxburgh, who I'd only 'seen' before in the abomination The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, had wonderful menace. I've heard he really fangs the scenery in Van Helsing, but gawd, who's gonna watch that for anything except mental popcorn? With the makeup he was wearing, he was actually reminding me a lot of Gary 'Wee Brun Man' Oldman somehow.

Surprisingly, I didn't recognise Faramir. *coughCOUGH*

And I really don't know of anything that a little John Leguizamo doesn't improve. No, that was not a pun. Well... not meant to be.

Art direction: only one word -- LUSH.

As to the story... well... kinda same-ol'-same-ol', in a way. It's a very old story, after all. No surprises. All in all, I didn't feel I'd wasted my time (especially when I found out Kylie Minogue was dubbed by Ozzy Osborne), but it's not something I'm interested in buying.

woof horizontal rule

For some reason, I have Ghost in the Machine on my brain. For that, I proffer you a lyric:

Omegaman )

woof horizontal rule

Work, being that it's Monday, has decided to suck already.
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Let me rephrase: Doreen is a [reverb] MAJOR U2 FAN [/reverb].

This is significant because when [livejournal.com profile] sit_good_dog and I were conversing randomly, and wandered over to the subject of one of that band's songs, I mentioned that I had been considering getting some sort of 'best of' album of theirs... and naturally, because Doreen is a [reverb] MAJOR U2 FAN [/reverb], she was the perfect person to ask for a recommendation as to which CD to get.

Instead, she exclaimed IMmishly, 'I'll make you one! :D '

So this [GMT-8] morning, I came into work to find, leaning on my keyboard, U2 Sampler 2005, For [boring mundane name], Love Doreen. *beam!*

The CD has a lovely green label (how Irish) and the following songs on it:
  1. All I Want Is You

  2. Beautiful Day

  3. Bullet the Blue Sky

  4. Desire

  5. Elevation

  6. I Will Follow

  7. If God Will Send His Angels

  8. Mysterious Ways

  9. New Year's Day

  10. One

  11. Pride

  12. Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own

  13. Stay

  14. Stuck in a Moment

  15. Hands That Built America

  16. Unforgettable Fire

  17. Vertigo
Some of the titles I recognise; some of the songs I've got to listen to so far I recognise as early U2 (do you remember, back when the 'M' in 'MTV' still meant 'music'?) but wasn't really firm on the titles. A well-sampled sampler! :)

Thanks, Doreen! My goodness, you were fast, too. ^_^
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Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson (+ Lola) icon

Who is Laurie Anderson?

A poet, writer, visual artist, and social commentator, she is perhaps best known as a recording artist, one whose technical wizardry and live shows have earned her a reputation as one of the most eccentric performers in the business.

She's a lot of things. In general she's known as a "performance artist." A performance artist is an artist who works in the medium of live performance. Laurie's performances use a bewildering variety of media, including film, electronic and acoustic music, slides, costumes, and other weird effects that don't even have names.

Laurie is also a recording artist with Warner Bros. Records. She has made several albums, and all of them are more or less "avant-garde." She began to actually sing recently, starting with the Album "Strange Angels." Otherwise the vocals were primarily spoken.

Some common themes in her works are airplanes, dogs, family, the United States, dreams, and language. 1

Laurie Anderson was born in Chicago in 1947. One of eight children, she studied the violin and, while growing up, played in the Chicago Youth Symphony. She graduated in 1969 from Barnard College in New York, and went on to study at Columbia University, working toward a graduate degree in sculpture. The art scene of the early 1970s fostered an experimental attitude among many young artists in downtown New York that attracted Anderson, and some of her earliest performances as a young artist took place on the street or in informal art spaces. In the most memorable of these, she stood on a block of ice, playing her violin while wearing her ice skates. When the ice melted, the performance ended.

Since that time, Anderson has gone on to create large-scale theatrical works which combine a variety of media - music, video, storytelling, projected imagery, sculpture - in which she is an electrifying performer. As a visual artist, her work has been shown at the Guggenheim Museum in SoHo, New York, as well as extensively in Europe, including the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. She has also released seven albums for Warner Bros., including Big Science, featuring the song "O Superman," which rose to number two on the British pop charts. In 1999, she staged "Songs and Stories From Moby Dick," an interpretation of Herman Melville's 1851 novel. She lives in New York. 2

1992 - STORIES FROM THE NERVE BIBLE was presented in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel

"I worked with local laser artists who designed complex laser structures for the performance. These amazing looking structures are strictly illegal in most other countries because the lasers are aimed directly at the audience, resulting in a kind of non-specific group eye surgery." -LA 3

The Record of the Time: Sound in the Work of Laurie Anderson

Opened on November 10, 2003 at PAC-Milan, Italy
The Musée Art Contemporain of Lyon in France has produced a touring retrospective of Laurie's work, encompassing installation, audio, video and art objects and spans her career from the 1970's to her most current works. The show was first exhibited in Lyon from March 6 - July, 2002 and then moved to the Museum Kunst-Palast in Düsseldorf, Germany from May - October 18, 2003. This show will continue to tour european museum through 2005.
Stay posted for further updates about the show!

In 2003-04, Laurie is the first artist-in-residence of NASA.
Stay tuned for updates about this amazing opportunity! 4


Thursday, February 19 - Sunday, February 22, 2004 8:00pm
Presented by: Usine C
Venue: Usine C
Montreal, Quebec
www.usine-c.com ...

1 http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~jimmyd/laurie-anderson/faq/
2 http://www.pbs.org/art21/artists/anderson/
3 http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~jimmyd/laurie-anderson/biography/wb.html
4 http://www.laurieanderson.com/projects.html
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I got distracted from posting for March 5! So pretend I'm posting from the West Coast. Here she is...

Lena Horne

Lena Horne icon

Lena Calhoun Horne was born June 30, 1917, Brooklyn, New York. Her mother, Edna, had an extremely fair complexion, and the hospital staff thought she was Caucasian. Her father, Teddy, wasn't there at her birth -- he was out gambling to win enough money to pay the hospital bill. When Horne was a child, her parents were divorced, and her mother, an aspiring actress, took her south and boarded her with various families while she attempted to find work. By the early 1930s, she returned to New York with her re-married mother and briefly entertained the idea of becoming a teacher, a dream the depression helped to shoot down. She quit Girls High School in Brooklyn and took her first steps into show business as a dancer in the chorus at Harlem's famous Cotton Club, where blacks entertained a strictly white clientele. If the performers' relatives or friends tried to gain admittance, they were bounced. Although she was not allowed to sing, she did get to meet and observe such renowned artists as Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Count Basie, Ethel Waters, and Billie Holiday.

When her stepfather was physically abused by the club owners for pushing the idea of her singing there, she decided that she "had to get out."

After a brief marriage at the age of 19 to Louis Jones, the college-educated son of a minister, during which she lived in Pittsburgh and had two children, Gail and Teddy (Teddy died in 1970 from a kidney ailment), Horne returned to New York and jazz and the Big Band sounds. She began singing with Noble Sissle's Society Orchestra, honing her distinctive vocalizing style and elegant manner as she toured amidst applause and racism, having to sleep in tenement boarding houses, the bus, and once in circus grounds in Indianapolis.

The distinctive star tested her soon-to-become formidable talent on the Broadway musical stage in Blackbirds of 1939. She later scored a major triumph in Harold Arlen's Jamaica. In 1940, she became the first African American to tour with an all white band, Charlie Barnet's outfit, a move she considers to be the real beginning of her success as a singer. She was the featured singer.

It was while she was singing at a New York nightspot that an MGM talent scout caught her act and arranged a screen test for her which landed her a contract to the studio, where she faced more hurdles.

She recalls serving, however, as "window dressing" in such films as Panama Hattie, Thousands Cheer, Two Girls and a Sailor, and Duchess of Idaho, after having refused to try to "pass as a Latin" because of her light coloring.

She starred in two memorable black musicals : Cabin in the Sky and Stormy Weather. The title song, sung by Lena, became one of her trademark numbers. The studio sent her on a tour of its theaters to promote the films in song. As a result she became one of the top nightclub and theater box office attractions in the country.

In the early days, she was referred to as a "cafe au lait Hedy Lamarr" and a "chocolate chanteuse." Even after she achieved stardom as a singer, she was refused a room at the hotels where she was performing--even in New York City as late as 1942--because she was black. In the Hollywood of the 1940s, she says she was invited to parties only with the unwritten understanding that she provide the entertainment.

While entertaining the troops during World War II, Horne got into another battle of her own. She refused to sing for segregated audiences or to groups in which German POWs were seated in front of African American servicemen. She also became the pin-up girl for thousands of African American G.I.s. She was later to take her fight for integrated audiences out of the war zone and onto the nightclub and theater stages.

Her second marriage, to musical arranger Lennie Hayton, took place in 1947 but was not announced for three years because he was white, which offended both blacks and whites to the extent that the couple received hate mail and threats of violence. Horne admitted that she married Hayton not because she loved him, but because "he had more entree than a black man." But as their twenty-four married years went by, she "learned to love him because of how good he was to me and patient."

She had become a ranking international star playing to SRO audiences throughout the world, sharing the stage with the likes of Count Basie, Tony Bennett, Billy Eckstein, Vic Damone, and Harry Belafonte. She also starred in musical and television specials with such giants as Judy Garland, Bing Crosby, and Frank Sinatra.

Horne has also always found time to devote to the causes in which she truly believes, and starting with the civil rights movement in the 1960s, she had company in her battles for equality.Much like her good friend Paul Robeson, Horne's great fame could not prevent the wheels of the anti-Communist machine from bearing down on her. Her civil rights activism and friendship with Robeson and others marked her as a Communist sympathizer. Like many politically active artists of the time, Horne found herself blacklisted and unable to perform on television or in the movies. For seven years the attacks on her person and political beliefs continued. During this time, however, Horne worked as a singer, appearing in nightclubs and making some of her best recordings. Lena Horne at the Waldorf Astoria, recorded in 1957, is still considered to be one of her best. Though the conservative atmosphere of the 1950s took their toll on Horne, by the 1960s she had returned to the public eye and was again a major cultural figure.

In 1963, she participated in the march on Washington and performed at rallies throughout the country for the National Council for Negro Women (founded by Mary McLeod Bethune). Her paternal grandmother, a suffragette and activist, had enrolled her in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People when she was two, and she has worked with it, the NCNW and with other such organizations as the Delta Sigma Theta sorority and the Urban League, speaking at rallies and singing at demonstrations.

She followed that with a decade of international touring, recording, and acting on both television and the silver screen. Horne had found in her growing audience a renewed sense of purpose. All of this came crashing down when her father, son and husband died in a period of twelve months during the early 1970s. Horne retreated almost completely from public life. It was not until 1981 that she fully returned, making a triumphant comeback with a one-person show on Broadway. Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music chronicled Horne's early life and almost fifty years in show business. It ran for fourteen months and became the standard by which one-woman shows are judged. Throughout the past twenty years, Horne's performances have been rare yet welcome occurrences.

In 1978, Horne returned to films as Glinda the Good Witch, in The Wiz.

One of the achievements about which she is proudest is an honorary doctorate she received from Howard University in 1980. "I had been offered doctorates earlier," she said, "and had turned them down because I hadn't been to college. But by the time Howard presented the doctorate to me, I knew I had graduated from the school of life, and I was ready to accept it."

And in 1984, Lena Horne was honored by the Kennedy Center, recognizing her lifelong accomplishments and extraordinary talents of one of our nation's most prestigious artists. The Honors are America's equivalent of a knighthood in Britain, or the French Legion of Honor -- the quintessential reward for a lifetime's endeavor.

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OhmyGAWD, are you seeing Hugh Jackman and that hair?! ^_^

P.S. Man of La Mancha. AND Brian Stokes Mitchell. Does anybody else remember him from Trapper John, M.D.? [fanning self vigorously]


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