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Is it too much to ask that when one asks a question, the WHOLE of the question is listened to, instead of just whatever little bits are decided upon? I had to go downtown to get the house taxes caught up - well, almost caught up, sort of - and decided to try to get that power of attorney the accursed bank dismissively mentioned I needed for access to my mother's account. Mind you, I'm doing this instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour, or at least pretending I would. I ended up in the courthouse three times, 140 W. Flager twice, with a useless half-completed form, a 44-page document from Auto Tags I have to read, and Small Estate telling me there's a $106 filing fee.

The taxes took maybe 20 minutes, 30 at the most. I was downtown for two hours and had to pay $11 in parking for the priviledge of getting ping-ponged, overheated, dehydrated and nowhere. Now, it's unfortunate that none of the legalish people I know are probate lawyers/clerks/what-have-you because otherwise I'm sure somebody would have offered the correct information long ago. But as it is, here I am, short on sleep and nowhere closer to getting that sorted out. I am so tempted to just let it rot.
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Sothis is crashier than a crashed thing, which is a really silly way of saying she won't boot even off [livejournal.com profile] rozberk's CD he helped me make.

(Note to self: make an ickle Allah-Sulu-sized unipeg sprite.)

I can't really figure out why, because the CD drive itself diags fine, but the blasted thing keeps looking for some Windows system file on C:. Grr.

Meanwhile, one of my creditors who SHOULD be reading my mind to know I've had other things going on probably called my mobile some time this morning, which being that my handheld has declined into being a full-time piece of junk, left the screen on, which drained the so-called battery, which dumped all the memory on there. All. As in, wiped.

Yes... I've lost all your phone numbers, addresses, etc. which I have not had occasion to memorise.

If my friends will tolerate this, if you feel like calling me so I can work off paper at least until I can get things re-sorted, e-mail [livejournal.com profile] in_the_blue, [livejournal.com profile] blueeyedtigress or [livejournal.com profile] annechen67 (being they're the most likely to see said e-mails) for either/both phone numbers. I'll try to be good about answering the phone. :)

(If I'm lucky, the last synch was one of the files I got to copy during my frantic and frustrating backup session the day before Halloween.)

Thinking of Halloween, here's a curious note for you - my father, after a stroke a fortnight before, died on October 30th. My mother died somewhere between (very roughly) 8PM Halloween night and 8AM All Saints Day. Thin veil indeed. Maybe it's a Celt thing?

Never EVER, when calling a... hm, bereved family, say to them 'Let me know what the arrangements are, OK?'. Ask 'Who should I keep in touch with about the arrangements?' or 'How might be the best way to keep up with the arrangements?' or anything else. I had more people unconsiously expect me to run around playing funeral site herald - including my uncle and my neighbours - instead of them taking the initiative and oh, checking the bloody newspaper. The Miami Herald is on-line as well as print, anybody with internet access (Uncle Fran) could have kept an eye out.

Also, if friends are informing other friends by e-mail, PLEASE copy the family. This way, as they're frantically trying to find the lost address book, they'll know who's already covered.
There, my pedantic commands du jour.

I have had a hagfish take up residence in my sinuses. I swear, that's got to be the reason.

I watched (on my tiny little screen) Shakespeare in Love yesterday; it almost compels one to watch Twelfth Night thereafter. I've got the BBC edition with the late-Victorian sort of costuming and Ben Kingsley as the fool. I also finally got to watch The Dish, which my quasi-sister Maizie gave me a year or two ago (yes, I'm slow). It's a perfect 'between' movie to watch after The Right Stuff and before Apollo 13.

November's being as sucky as January. SFF Net had a whole thicket of memorial roses that month; other than my mother (of course), one of the people who came over to help clean told me her nephew, who was a senior or such when I was in high school, just died of leukemia (did I tell you this already?). One of my mother's best friends had her husband die the Sunday after my mother did. Elsa comes in, comes over to my desk, tells me the reason my legwell was filled with kibble is because her 14-year-old German Shepherd died last week — from what she told me, it sounded like a stroke that progressed. God.

Oh, my Flist have all sorts of good things I want to cross-share with you, and it's all scattered now and I'm stuck on a call instead of going home to let dogs out ARGH.

And I want more Bleach. It's [livejournal.com profile] jediboadicea's fault.

At the very least, go read this, from [livejournal.com profile] blueeyedtigress following a trail of giggles.
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I want to thank [livejournal.com profile] heidi8, [livejournal.com profile] bucketgirl and my SCAdian household member Lady Rhiannon Firewalker - at the very least - for providing wonderful shivah food; and then [livejournal.com profile] blueeyedtigress, [livejournal.com profile] annechen67, [livejournal.com profile] rozberk, [livejournal.com profile] in_the_blue, [livejournal.com profile] shellebelle93, [livejournal.com profile] doctoraicha, [livejournal.com profile] bucketgirl again and [livejournal.com profile] spkarrion for 'sitting' with me when no realtime locals could be bothered to even make as much as a condolence phonecall. It probably wasn't 'proper' behaviour for a shivah, but it was very fannish - we talked about kids' play habits, heavy post-procedure drugs, watched Dr. A crack up entirely about drag queens, compared ages and generally had a great time being as together as Yahoo! Instant Messenger and Meebo will let people scattered all over a continent. (Heidi, if you hadn't been mobile, I coulda dragged you in too. *wink*)

Thanks again - I'm a Celt, we remember things like this. Imacula just showed up, we're off to the Mass in a little bit (I have to finish getting dressed), and then the thingie this evening. See you later.
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'What if you held a shivah and nobody (not even your family) came?'

I'm going to be extremely unpleasant to be around tomorrow.
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  • More X-treem crash cleaning... still.

  • Bathing overly-energetic dogs... still.

  • Ensure obit gets in before deadline

  • Dress the couch after I pry (pour?) myself off it.

  • Cough a lot more.
Debbie couldn't come back Tuesday because of voting (which I did coming home from my fabric run, and calloh callay, Ma had sent in an absentee ballot. Take that, neocon trash!), so Imacula and I made do with ourselves. We discovered much dust. And evidence of the past-tense mice, curse their little hides.

Wednesday... drained. Near-immobile. Inert. *HACK* Except for the tickle and burn in the depths of my throat and chest. Debbie and a high-school friend's mom showed up to help this time, and I let Debbie run the show (except when she nearly threw out my Plush Marauders' hand-carved wands, AAIIIEEE!). Her zeal is occasionally... frightening. But between the two of them, there's very little left to get out of the way. Mrs Pompilio came with her own bad news -- one of the seniors when I was in junior high or thereabouts, her nephew, just died of leukemia a few days before Ma died, after fighting the good fight and all. 47 years old. :(

Despite feeling like one of the kids' rawhide chews after D'Argo's been working it over, I knew nobody else was gonna wash the grubby beasties, so I loaded up with towels and dragged one dog at a time into the tub. Sirius was a very good boy, considering how infrequently we've done this. Annie acted like I was going to drown her, which is not what happened the first time. Sheesh. I have corgi clawmarks in strange areas now as a result, but everybody's fluffy and at least off-white instead of light grey.

I even got the trash and recycling out.

Now... people'd better show up tomorrow evening, or I will get very... very... ugly. Just out of the frustration of it if naught else. Did I mention that this has been feeling like somebody's pulling a huge joke on me? Like 'ha ha, finally got you to clean your junk out of the living room!' Not that I'm not still kinda mad at her.

I'm gonna go cough myself to sleep now, I think.
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(this should approximate the format in Wednesday's Miami Herald.)

[no photo]

WINTERS, JOAN L. of Miami, FL, died at home Nov. 1, 2006 due to heart disease. Born May 19, 1931, Joan was youngest of 8 children of James & Agnes Babineau of Boston, MA. She graduated from Massachusetts College of Art for a brief career in teaching and a lifetime in the arts. Predeceased by husband Charles T. Winters, she is survived by children Lisa & James Winters, stepson Charles Todd Winters, siblings Therese Densmore & Francis Babineau, and devoted friend J. Douglas Morris. An active member of Lorber, fundraising for asthma research, Joan was also chaplain of Post 3559's Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary. She was a loving aunt to her large family, and a dear friend to all.
Visitation at the home 4 PM, Thursday, Nov. 9. Mass at St. Louis Catholic Church, 7270 S.W. 120 Street, 2 PM, Friday, Nov. 10. Visitation and a final tribute by the VFWA at Van Orsdel Coral Gables from 6-8 PM.

[insert sig - Van Orsdel Coral Gables]
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OK, here's what I've got so far, pending confirmation from St. Louis Church:
Shivah, Thursday evening (Nov. 9) - my house; discuss any food contributions with [livejournal.com profile] heidi8 (her e-dress is in her userinfo). Not sure of the time yet, but starting between 16:00-18:00, and ending whenever it seems appropriate, probably.

Funeral Mass, Friday afternoon (Nov. 10) - St. Louis Roman Catholic Church, Pinecrest. Right now it looks to be at 14:00. Father Fetcher, the pastor, will likely preside.

Visitation and VFWA service, Friday evening (Nov. 10) - Van Orsdel Coral Gables, chapel, 18:00-20:00
Ma's remains will be taken to Boston for burial in the family plot; there'll be a Mass up there, too, but no details on that yet.

Anybody needing directions, drop me an e-mail.
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(Unfortunately, it's all local-ish stuff.)

  • More X-treem crash cleaning

  • Bathing overly-energetic dogs

  • Purchasing some specific items at Winn-Dixie / Publix

  • Puchasing or borrowing something to cover the couch with to make it half-presentable
Considering the cold's settled in my chest now and I'm prone to 'oh, it's time to go to sleep now' at random intervals as my energy gives out, I'm really trying to avoid trying to make myself 'presentable' (yes, even in Miami) enough for a public excursion.

Any takers...?
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Thanks for all the good wishes, everyone. Although all the comments have been quite thoughtful and considerate, I especially appreciated hearing from my 'clergy'.

Unfortunately for productivity today, I couldn't stave off the palace revolution my throat staged (it started making threats on Wednesday), as my sinuses have been seized and are being held hostage.

In less silly words, I got a stress-induced head cold.

I got to talk to Imacula, who cleans house here twice a week, about what happened. Considering she's one of those adults who has a difficult time acquiring language (she's Haitian), she did an amazing job of dealing with a horrid situation by herself, and planning ahead on what would need to be done (i.e., dog-care) until I got back. I don't even want to think about what it would have been like if she hadn't been here.

My friends Debbie and Maysie Cummings made a huge dent in clearing space yesterday, so guests will have some place to sit. It's something that kinda needed to be done anyway, y'know? The challenge will be getting rid of the boxes after the fact. I'm still picking at stuff in the living room, verrrrry sloooowly. One of my SCA friends (complete with basset hounds) was supposed to come by today, but hasn't — I'm not sure what happened.

My 'Uncle' Doug won't be back to discuss plans until tomorrow. We're talking so far about a Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary service at the funeral home, shivah here at the house (no, we're not Jewish, just deal *wink*) and a mass down at our favourite parish south of Dadeland. I figure whatever day the mass is, the shivah can be the other one before Friday.

If anybody wants to do a shivah platter, contact [livejournal.com profile] heidi8. She volunteered to coordinate that stuff, as well as having gone out of her way to pick me up so late at night at the airport. Kudos to her for her on-the-spot generosity!

Sothis, despite the display issue and a weird problem w/ the DVD player software, is behaving herself right now. Good, because I can't troubleshoot when I can't breathe freely.

Ummmm... can't really think of anything else specific right now. I'll let everybody know when there's actual plans.
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That's called 'black humour', folks.

My mother died last night. I just got a phone call from a mutual friend....
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Ma just commented about Frank Langella's character in the travesty of science and entertainment running on who-knows-what channel right now:
'He's like you, nobody can understand what he's saying. He's a scientist.'
[sound FX] MWA-mwa-mwa-mwaaaaahhhhhh [/sound FX]

"Back off man, I'm a scientist."
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Right now, I'm sitting in the new Panera restaurant in Miramar (very near work, actually) to type this, because O THE BLISS OF FASTER CONNECTIVITY! They have, of course, high-speed wireless free for customers. It got me in here, so it must be a good idea. My usually idea of elaborate eating out is drive-through hot wings at Miami Subs instead of Burger King.

My mother more or less drove me out of the house, because she is the ONLY person who has EVER had serious health problems and therefore my amazing psychic powers -- you know, the ones that let me tell where customers are calling from and what their problems are? -- are supposed to let me wait on her hand and foot. The fact that my own kids, who have been adorable and attentive all day but can't quite get the concept of a 'mothers' day' aren't getting me anything is beneath her notice.

But I had errands anyway. And the hopes of ahhhhhh... high-speed wireless. I indulged in a couple of comics back-issues way up to Broward County in a store (Tate's, recommended by a member of the South Florida Science Fiction Society), did some fairly idle driving around, and will realio-trulio get to the grocery store, honest. And maybe even get Missy Ungrateful Nasty-Throwing-Things Person the Thai spring rolls I said I would.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting in air conditioning, enjoying some internet (until my expletive-deleted battery dies), drinking Diet Pepsi and eating Panera's Fuju Apple Chicken Salad (not bad, but I think the crumbled Gorgonzola is throwing me off). I know a lot of my Flist are mothers, have mothers, have been called 'mothers' or at least know mothers, so... happy mothers' day nonetheless.
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It's not that the dogs decided to get up at 7, no.

It was the fact that after the dogs made me let them out, the phone started ringing. And wouldn't stop. Mostly Ma's phone, which she can't answer 'cause she's still at Cedars Medical Center - some guy who, after I told him he woke me up, wanted to know if he could call back at 10 (sure, just don't expect me to answer nicely then, either); Phoenix, AZ (didn't pick up, don't think I know of anybody there I would want to talk to); some bank to harrass Ma about money (didn't pick up); one of Ma's Lorber friends (talked to her, gave her the news); three calls, 2 on my phone and 1 on Ma's that I flat-out ignored; Ma, finally. Mind you, this was all with half my face stuffed up and me thinking about feeling miserable ([livejournal.com profile] in_the_blue, you sure you can't can't colds over the internet?).

Then, after being soundly ignored by my puppies and having Ma call back three times to add to the list of stuff-to-bring-her, I got up. And the saaaame round of calls started all over again. Did I say this was all before 11? On a Saturday?

One of the banks called back again and I got mean. I picked up, the poor guy asked for Ma, and I said 'She's in the hospital and you people drove her there.' He kinda hung up. But it was cathartic.

I was going to try to smuggle Gemma into the hospital to visit with me, but she's too big for my barrel tote. I'd have to stuff her into a suitcase a la Ein, and I just don't wanna deal with that. I could pretend she's a therapy dog, but I don't have the props or the script for that. ;)

Now... to talk myself into getting dressed....


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