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Time for account renewal. *renews* Thanks to Perceval, the icons will be good for ages. [hugs]

Therefore, Gratuitous Icon Post.

Oh, and because of Stuff and the interview I had yesterday, I only had one hour of sleep... ONE. Still amazed I was functional during most of 'work' except for a couple of catnaps (dognaps?), which I do because I inherited the ability from my father. He had many useful genes, he did. (My chin, however, was not one of them.)

No... don't know when I'll hear, but they're trying to bail out at least one more of us, which is nice.
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From [livejournal.com profile] lidi, in her collection here, as tipped off by [livejournal.com profile] ashavah:

Note for Yvonne: 'Lupin' is Wolverine from the X-Men, claws prominently displayed. Hee!
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Yes, I know there's a comm for this, but this is my thing.

From the collection of the interestingly-named [livejournal.com profile] snobahr:

Ask her if it's gankable... if you dare!

P.S. You've heard of lolcats, loldogs, even lolpresidents and lolphilosophers... [livejournal.com profile] snobahr brings you lolfaults. No, really.
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Yes, I'm late, but that's partly 'cause I'm on dialup. That's my story. Still overall a slow photo week - I haven't been able to watch the kids out front climbing on the meleleuca stumps like Ma's seen them do - but here's Batch 30 nonetheless, and some VERY SPECIAL PHOTOS from Myfanwy, who said:

Made it back home very late last night - here are the first pictures of the corgis in Indianapolis. Summer, Samwise, and.....

..... Sirius!!

I wonder whose puppy HE could be??

Yes, ladies and the rare gentleman or two, I have been Schemed. ^_^

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Kit the Brave wanted oxytocin molecule icons, she gets oxytocin molecule icons:

woof horizontal rule

Buckminsterfullerene is the State Molecule of Texas. Um... yeah. :facepalm: )
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To go along with this post, a bunch of bluestocking icons. If you have a great idea for text or anything else that could be added in here, please comment. Remember that although the word 'bluestocking' has become a word for a particular kind of woman, the Bluestocking Society had many male members and attendees as well, so if the masculine side of my Flist want to declare themselves free of gender-biased intellectual expections, let me know and I'll find some manly legs to iconise.

a bevy of bluestockings (or should that be 'a hamper'?) )
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From and for [livejournal.com profile] blueeyedtigress and [livejournal.com profile] selenesue -- Blade had spotted this photo in [livejournal.com profile] giza's LJ (here) and thought it was terribly iconable. So of course, my favourite vulpine had to get the high sign. She thought it didn't need any text, so here's a variety of border treatments:

Fox and Hounds (00)   Fox and Hounds (01a)   Fox and Hounds (01b)

Fox and Hounds (01c)   Fox and Hounds (02a)    

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And, of course, since I'm running late AGAIN: Puppypictures! Batch 26 is up, but is not labelled/tagged/captioned yet. I'm up too late for that, I'll do it later.
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I figured if they were gonna let me hang around their place sucking up their bandwidth, 'least I could do was advertise my benefactor when I was connected there. :)

(I'm home now, though...)
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This is from one of the outtakes just after Mal and Inara escape from the Operative at the Training House. Apparently one of the execs thought Mal-bashing four times in a row after he got his tuchus kicked was a leeetle too much....

Inara: 'Mal, don't take this the wrong way, but in your next life, I hope you come back as a polyp.'
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The Plot Bunny STRIKES BACK!
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LJ-cut for the HTML table, because they freak out some Flist styles. I've got one in here expressly for [livejournal.com profile] firedrake_mor; and one because [livejournal.com profile] _audrey just keeps getting BETTER and better; and even though I still do not have a decent 'mystery' icon, at least I have a Wild Wild West one - I'm probably going to use the animated one, but I share.

  Table o' icons! )

Special annotation for Yvonne: The grammar icon's just text, but it's quite amusing. The different frames read as below:
* A populace is what makes a kingdom populous
* "Your stupid"? My stupid what?
* Your throws of ecstacy send me into throes of amusement
* Never enter your PIN number on an ATM machine. You could get the HIV virus.
* You can defuse a bomb. But diffusing it might be a bad idea.
* If you really did have baited breath, you would smell rather fishy.
* I before E except after C or when sounding like A as in neighbor and weigh. Unless it's weird.
* Your is not mine. You're means you are.
* Thru is only a word if you're referring to getting a hamburger in your car.
* Rouge is a color. A rogue isn't.
* Per se means of itself. Per say is only how you pronounce it.
* A horde is a large group, often unruly. To hoard is to gather, and often references dragons.
* Fire is fiery. Burn all misspellings.
* Et cetera does not abbreviate to ect., ecc. or et. Etc.
* E.g. means for example, and i.e. means that is. I.e., always be correct.
* You should definitely spell definitely definitely.
* If you had a D, you wouldn't deserve congratulations.
* A lot is two words. Allot means to distribute.
* The two-N canon, that's official/The three-N cannon shoots a missile/But any more goes far past fanon/There isn't any four-N cannonn.

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Yes, it's that time of week again - Batch 15 this time, including the thriller movie trilogy, WHEN CORGWN ATTACK!, comprised of When Corgwn Attack!, When Corgwn Attack and Get Tired Out Halfway!, and When Corgwn Attack But Are Distracted by Grandma!.

However, once again I failed to bring the decent camera (as opposed to and even including the Treo 600's) to either the dog park (teeny Aussie Shepherd puppy, huge AB puppy with an unnatural fondness for corgwn, boxers/boxer crosses, a four-dog sniff line) or the Beach (Wild Oats: 7-month-old Dogue de Bordeaux, 3-year-old Weimeraner-mastiff cross). Bad Corgi, no biscuit.

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Oh, and a totally unrelated icon:

'I never just derail a train of thought.  I make wrecks that catch the cars on fire.' Capt. Sam Starfall, 'Freefall'
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Silly me, the answer to my question was right here in the Serenity Visual Companion which I hadn't had time to open. (Pssst - there's a chart of all the Alliance worlds and their names!) Joss says right here on page 13, that Companions '...often rose to political or social prominence when they retired.'

So anyway, here's a couple of icons.

Jayne: Looks better in red   Simon joins River at the stake
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Because my 'No Cromwells' icon was a bit too obscure to the point where [livejournal.com profile] selenesue couldn't figure out what it was (blast, should have saved it as a .PSP first!), here's some revamps:

Icons behind here )
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Just to say 'Happy and Meaningful Candlemas to you all!' As the light of the sun slowly increases, Imbolc is celebrated with the lighting of candles, small lights to greet the greater one. The day is also called by the name of a Celtic goddess. Brighid is the goddess of the flame of inspiration - poetry as well as learning. I've come to associate this holyday, because of the sacrifices to science, with the U.S. space program tragedies. What higher price to pay for new knowledge?
Quotes and such )
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The frivolous part is GIPpery, except this post isn't exactly gratuitious, but I wanna show these off anyway.

The 'Sad Corgi' icon does for some things, but I've always felt it as more an expression of immediate personal reaction. I felt there needed to be something for, oh, tsunamis and Cat 5 hurricanes.

Nienna of the Valier, called the Weeper

For those who might be insufficiently Tolkeinish to recognise the name, Nienna is referenced in the Valaquenta -- she is one of the Queens of the Valar (the Valier); one of the eight Aratar, the most high of the Valar; she mourns for the hurts of the world, her tears wash away hurt and poison, she comforts the shades of the newly-dead and she teaches compassion and endurance.


This one's a lot simpler:

Birthday cupcake

Happy belated birthday, [livejournal.com profile] martinhesselius, whom I didn't mean to miss; and [livejournal.com profile] katinka31 of course, and today's [livejournal.com profile] themorningstarr's! She's a Brigid baby!


Anyway, these two make 96.... Here's one more available for adoption if one likes:

NO Cromwells!

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The corglets are starting to take more interest in me, in that they've started to come greet me when I get home from work and follow me out of curiosity, somewhat. It's more a focussed interest, if that makes any sense. Hard to believe they're almost twice the size as when they first got here! Along with this, they're not sounding quite so much like oddly-shaped kittens as they have done.
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Per her request.

Birthday balloon a la MST3K, image from Oxford Promotions, template by dragynville   Birthday star, image nicked from Google, template by Minttea

Birthday sparkle, image nicked from Google, template by Corgi   Birthday celebration, image nicked from Google, template by digic_icons   Birthday Marilyn Monroe, image from lotsa places, template by daisychayn

Credits in the alt tags (mouseover or properties).
I can break out frames from the animated ones if need be....
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This is a fun one. The phrase appears in Serenity, its specifics unexplained (as they're completely irrelevant to the story), but according to various sources, this was a phrase one of Joss's teachers used when he was a young 'un - it means something like 'That's laughter for chickens', with the colloquial meaning of 'That's absurd'.

I love my Google, I really do. Eta kooram na smech! I've found the Cyrillic here and here; neither seem to be talking about the movie, светлость. This page seems to even have an explanation for the saying.

What I'm getting a kick out of is that LiveJournal et al seem to be letting me pick up a wee bit of Russian. Isn't that somethin'.

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Icons for Browncoats:

Browncoat 'Balls and Bayonets' Brigade flag   Browncoats 'Balls and Bayonets' Brigade - animation   Browncoats 'Balls and Bayonets' Brigade
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Animated ribbon, breast/cervical cancer   Ribbon by Lanice at GreenFamilyTies.com   Ribbon by Jai at carolsutton.net   Ribbon by Deanna at carolsutton.net   Animated turning pink ribbon


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