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I'm borrowing a picture from one of my Second Life friends, because it is worth the thousand words:

Sacramento Bee solstice photo

May whatever you're celebrating be happy and meaningful to you, from Humanlight through 12th Night.
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Also - Robert Conrad's birthday, and Sirius and Medeni's wedding anniversary, and... goodness, there must be more I'm forgetting this year because I remember never being able to keep up before! :)
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I can't believe it's taken me THIS LONG to remember to wish everybody a Happy Sirius Culmination Day! Night, really, and this time I'll spare you the maths.

And since Twelfth Night was yesterday, I hope the Three Kings were good to everybody they visited.
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I apologise for having missed celebrating the winter holidays with you all, and cheering over your swag, and all the usual eggnoggy things. :) Yeah, I've been way slack, and not in the Church of Bob way. Happy upcoming Twelfth Night, if I slack off again!

However, because of your support and good wishes and positive energy, I know I have friends who will listen to me, and still manage to think I'm some kind of interesting; I have all dogs accounted for, even if I'm gonna start calling her 'Darth Gemma' for all the grief she gives me (found her eating chicken over at the halfway house AGAIN); I have a replacement washer, even if it only pulls hot water now instead of the cold of the old one before it freaked out (really need to figure out plumbing, I do); and the Death card showed up in my life, which - for those of you who don't know the symbolism, means drastic change, not literal death - is probably something I needed, whether I enjoy it in the short term or not.

Thank you, and may this next calendar year treat us better than the last.
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It has been a year without my mother, two years (mostly) with corgiS (I have plural corgwn! Yay me!) and... sheesh, how many without my father? It's odd - I remember the whole sequence of events, I remember the day (the fear)... but not the year. It has to be at least... Goddess bless, 20 years plus? He never got to meet Medeni, and she was born in '86. Da, Oct. 30th; Ma, somewhere in the mythical space between Samhain and All Souls'; Meissa and Gemma, November 1st. And need I mention in_the_blue's birthday is TOMORROW? [confetti!!]

It's almost as crowded as March 1st.

I didn't get to really do anything for the holy day itself, although amusingly when I went to get dog food I kept thinking 'well of course people have it off, it's a holiday'. Today the dogs in general and the girls in specific got a special lunch - two cans of their new kosher lamb&rice, plus an egg and a big spoonful of garlic all sauced together with organic chicken broth and mixed with high-quality kibble. I think Meissa feels full for once (she's been on something of a diet). The little starveling even updated her journal, Meissa Morwen, and didn't fight with her sister about sharing. She is grown up!

The night I mostly spent on Second Life in a very weird (appropriately so) and ambiguously-persona'd mood - more 'me' than either of the people expected there. Then I got into an RP faceoff with some hungry lycans. I'm afraid I've alarmed friends and acquaintances. :D Fictionally, at least. It wasn't reverent, but it was... Halloweeny.

And the laundry's still not done. *wink*
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At least for an urban type like me: http://sugarmtnfarm.com/blog/

This small family have a working farm up in Vermont; their 'Tiny Cottage' tag has many photos and detailed descriptions of how they're building an efficient, insulated small home for themselves instead of a huge farmhouse. There's even piglets! Lots of pictures showing the Vermont countryside as a backdrop, that's always a bonus.

Oh, and unsurprisingly, I'm late for Mabon, but the icon kinda matches the post anyway. Happy holiday, belatedly.
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And, mostly irrelevantly, I can't find my map of Europa Wulfenbach anywhere, and I need to suss out the layout of Sunken Britain.

Vexed, I tell you.

woof horizontal rule

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...a belated Happy Summer Solstice to you all.

Unfortunately for here, it mostly means 'Can I has hurrykan?' [/ironic] (sorry, G!)
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Forgot to say something for Mothering Sunday, didn't I?

[rubs eyes, looks at clock] Oh dear. I wear, I'm running on something like... GMT-18 or whatis.
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Nah, that was just something I liked from some spam. Happy Belated Beltane! (or Samain, for the Antipodeans). I've missed everything in April by nearly a week (Medeni's anniversary, Black Day, Earth Day, everybody's birthdays...), at least I might be getting better. So, did anybody go dance a Maypole Tuesday?

This will be a post of great miscellany. Hasty miscellany, I almost overslept.

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Rhiannon's been reminding me she's allergic to MSG for forever and a half — now I understand why. I found some interesting blog entries discussing the concept of the taste of umami, which sits at the very back of the tongue, and artificial versus natural glutamates and umami-flavoured sources: I have to figure out if garlic falls into this category, too. Apparently it has something to do with amino-acid-rich food sources...?

In turn, she linked to another blog, 'Monosodium glutamate: Bad for your brain, your figure and your health' which is wonderfully detailled about how this century-old commercial product works, and how scarily omnipresent it is.

Tigers and Strawberries also linked to Slow Food, a site devoted to countering the fast food concept in meals. Haven't explored it yet, but I love the name.
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Can a dog mauling be murder? — the return of the San Francisco Presa Canario trial (may require registration, but c'mon, it's the L.A. Times, what harm will that do? You're already Googleable.).
Fatal dog attacks in the United States are rare. Only about two dozen people are mauled to death each year in a nation with 70 million dogs, said Karen Delise, founder of the National Canine Research Council, which tracks and investigates fatal dog attacks.

Pit bulls and Rottweilers most often top the list of killers, according to various studies, but killer canines have included a Yorkshire terrier, a dachshund, a Labrador retriever, a cocker spaniel and a collie.

(No, I was not able to find the details on the death-by-Yorkie; apparently it was in the '70s...? Yes, I'm really curious too.)

The National Canine Research Council referenced in the article has some great statistics. Too bad the politicians, press and dog-haters never bother with facts. It sums up to what, to dog people, is the obvious: Most problems arise with young unneutered males in a pack, who are poorly socialised and abused/neglected. (And bitches with puppies, but jeez, never mess with mothers.) It doesn't matter what breed, it matters how they're treated. Dogs are NOT organic alarm systems.

Anyway, go check out the page. It has lots of well-organised information.

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And last but hardly, least:

The Wild Wild West Season 2 of The Wild Wild West is out on DVD!
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Item the first:

Happy Saint David's Day!
Item the Second:

Happy THIRD anniversary,Medeni and Sirius!
Item the Third:

Happy Robert Conrad's birthday! (he's 72 today - pretty good considering what he's been doing all these years!)

And y'know, I bet I forgot stuff, too. (For me, it's also 'semi-happy paycheque day!')
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I'm running late due to technical difficulties. I've been fascinated with the Japanese celebration of Valentine's Day - they've made it ever so much more horrifyingly commercial and emotionally wrenching. In the spirit of at least subverting the commercial part, I bring my Flisties giri-choco!

Some innocent, cheerful flower chocolate )

And a delightful chocolate novelty to make you smile! )
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[checks calendar]

Ah, yes. I'm on time for once.

Happy Imbolc/Candlemas/Brigit's Day. May the flame of divine knowledge brighten your paths.

Image is a live link to the artist

~ How to make your own, three methods ~
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(With a touch of snark)

The Miami Herald's '12 Dogs of Christmas' - Tropic style
(click on 'More Photos' to see the other dogs in the series)

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Oh, and a belated Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating. I'd do the menorah piccies, but can't get organised for anything this season.

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[gets bitten by Yet Another Mosquito]


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