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Please help the Professors and their fandom celebrate the release of their first novel in the Girl Genius universe!

If you've read Girl Genius and want to help out, just order the book today, as we're trying to break to the #1 position for today. Just today, although more would be nice.

If you've not read it, and haven't decided what to do with that holiday gift certificate you got -- give it a try! It's fast-paced science fantasy ('gaslamp fantasy', steampunk's better-behaved sibling) with engaging characters and an intriguing plot.

You can even meet the Professors at one of their book-signing appearances (weather permitting), if you're Seattle-local. You lucky ducks, you.

Please take a look. I don't think you'll regret the time spent.
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Phil Foglio's interview with Kurt Wilcken is unfortunately interrupted by an HTML glitch about halfway down. This is the balance of that interview:

Part II, so to speak )
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MIMMOTHS ON A STICK! (Done badly, in 1/11th proportion)

When I say 'badly', I mean that I didn't use the meat as soon as I got it home, the panko were kinda stale, I forgot to add the chopped dates, and I didn't have anything decent to baste them with. However, I did throw in a little Japanese blended pepper and dribbled shoyu on them before putting them in the oven. I was right about the time variance -- instead of the hour or so for Rats on a Stick, a half-hour is about right. If my oven had bothered to register the temperature correctly, they might have even avoided being a little dry on the inside -- so to sum up, that's 350F for about 30 minutes. Don't forget to soak your sticks.

I wasn't, for obvious reasons, able to take pictures of me molding the little guys, but I think that part's self-evident. The pepperoni ears stuck better than I expected (relief!). Oh, and they're even good cold, mimmoths.

(Sorry for the blurry, I was using my phone for convenience.)

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(Pen-blwydd hapus to [livejournal.com profile] drfidelius!)

Roleplay character appreciation meme - get it while it's hot, and boyo, is it cookin'.

Oh, and I hope everybody in the right area had a happy eclipse last night. :D

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Aug. 5th, 2007 02:25 am
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(Why did my Semagic lose all my settings? [cusswords])

  • No, no word from anywhere on Gemma, but I still have to check the piece-of-junk phone.

  • Did I mention a man drove by around 7ish yesterday, said he remembered seeing Gemma outside the fence about that same time the day before? So there's some evidence she did what I was expecting.

  • Papered my neighbourhood more on the way home.

  • Man stopped by the house with a little pug on a harness this morning, said he was a lost dog (the pug, obviously) and asked if he were mine. I thought it was a young dog at first, friendly enough, but his eyes look awfully damaged, poor boy. He wrenched away from me when I tried to look at his teeth, so I'm not sure how old he actually is. I told the man he should try getting the pug scanned for a chip at Knowles - maybe he will, he didn't seem to know about ID chips. Hopefully, there is one and the pug will get home.

  • Went to Animal Control and walked the pens. I had to seek out my inner Vulcan to manage my composure - I hate that place and there are certain facts about it that I cannot allow myself to think about. I didn't get to talk to the Lost&Found officer, he just didn't show up while I was there, but I left him two flyers and the appropriate form. Bizarrely, despite not wearing anything like either the Animal Services uniform or the volunteer T-shirt, I kept getting mistaken for someone who worked there. It must have been my aura of familiarity and determined stride. Or something.

Debbie, her dad and sister picked me up and we went to see HP OoP in IMAX 3-D up in Fort Lauderdale. in_the_blue was, of course, right about how well the whole thing worked; it summed up very smoothly and efficiently. Yet another casting director I believe, but this one chose an excellent Luna. They didn't horrid-up Imelda Staunton not half enough, though, but I was amazed and delighted how much Umbridge's office resembled the decor we applied to Dogstar Academy the first April Fool's we pulled. I'm somewhat distressed (with a bit of relief) that despite the better adaptation - so efficient, can we get it nominated? - I wasn't really able to connect to Sirius as much as... likely. On the whole, I felt shorted once again in that direction. Yeeeeesss, I know it's Harry's story, yeahyeahyeah. BTW, Daniel's turning into quite a bit of something there, isn't he? Grint's the terminal character actor, but Dan's going to get pretty much anything he wants.

There was eating of couch and soiling of kitchen while I was gone, but everybody was accountable-for. I just let Annie in under her own power after she was out for a couple hours, playing with Puppy. It's amazing how not worrying about her being there or not relieves my stress (well... mostly not worrying).

One of my new acquaintances on Second Life - yes, I succumbed - had invited me to the party for the opening of his new restaurant. Here's the interesting part - he's a Jägermonster, from Girl Genius. And I was invited as Baron Klaus Wulfenbach. *grin* Yeah, it's a little odd. I still don't feel particularly entitled to speak for the Baron in first person. It's sort of a low-end freeform RP at this point. I invited Supergirl as my... well, my date, so to speak. There was dancing (I have piccies), then there was much lag (system slowdown, chronic whenever there's a lot of people in one place). Unfortunately, some of the lag was personal, for both me and my lovely escort - we both were falling asleep mid-party. so we left separately before the end. I'm being complimented on my appearance, so I've re-created the character as well as I've hoped. He needs better hair, though. That's in the works.

Not a bad day for an ongoing kidnap and repeated sleep deprivation.
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I've had fanfic written of my fanfic! :D Read here - although if you aren't familiar with Girl Genius, you might not appreciate some of the internal humour and texture. I still think it's good even out of context, though.

annechen67 also wrote a drabble set chronologically later here.

I feel vaguely famous!

P.S. Yes, I missed the puppypicture update today. I was too involved in other stuff to be bothered with finding another camera cable and processing the negligible number of photos I have on hand. Yeeesss, somebody ate my camera cable....
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This is not a puppy - this is me being a cheerful, sleepy lemming:

watch sff-corgi fight

woof horizontal rule

These are puppies (Batch 28!)

Gemma and Annie both tried to be carsick while we were noodling around South Florida for hours and hours this afternoon. Thankfully and wisely, I had not fed them lunch (being cruel to be kind).

woof horizontal rule

July 2 is (was) James West's birthday. Woohoo! Let's hear it for one of the great heroes of American steampunk.


Thinking of steampunk, these two photos are for [livejournal.com profile] blueeyedtigress and [livejournal.com profile] annechen67 in particular:

A-one... ) ...anna two. )
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I was going to keep this Private, just for my own convenience, but I figured... hey, maybe somebody else will be OCD enough to wanna clicky-clicky. *grin* So here's my webcomics voting list. The first four, in italics, are the ones I consider most important, but a bunch of the ones in this list were languishing in double-digit-page doom, relatively unnoticed. To explain just the four - Girl Genius, of course, is the terrific Foglio 'gaslamp' comic, full of mad science, lush figures and airships. No Rest for the Wicked only updates Saturdays, but is a clever 'remix' of all the Grimm fairytales drawn with big eyes. Liliane Bi-Dyke, for all of the auto-assumptions the title might provoke, is a witty and honest autobiographical look at the life of a struggling artist. Her current 'I was Once a Nouveau Riche!' storyline is allll about money stress. And Ribbon is a straightforward magical-girl webmanga with nice art -- it deserves a chance. I'm up to page 54....

'Priority' votes:
Girl Genius TWC bCx  
No Rest for the Wicked TWC bCx Wbd
Liliane Bi-Dyke TWC bCx  
Ribbon TWC   Wbd
Arcane Times TWC bCx  
No Need for Bushido! TWC bCx  
Bonobo Conspiracy TWC    
Salad Days TWC bCx  
Rangers! TWC bCx Wbd

  TopWebComics: Buzzcomics: Webbedcomics:
Order of the Stick bCx
Alpha Shade (var)   bCx  
MindMistress (var) TWC bCx Wbd
Angels 2200 (MWF)   bCx  
Pastel Defender Heliotrope (Wednesdays) TWC bCx  
Clan of the Cats (MWS) TWC bCx  
Defenders of Unicorn Forest TWC   Wbd
Nine Swords TWC    
Thirty Years Later TWC   Wbd
Kawaii Not
Line Item Vito TWC bCx Wbd
Far Reaches TWC bCx  
Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T. TWC bCx  
Talismen TWC/TWC
Biff TWC bCx Wbd
Genevieve's Shades of Grey TWC bCx  
Ab Possidere TWC bCx  
Guillaume's Rambling Ride TWC bCx Wbd
Shadowgirls TWC    

  • OnlineComics.net
  • The Webcomics List
  • HotWebComics.com
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    I'm working today because somebody else got confuuuuuuuzed. Not my problem, I need the 8 hours O/T it'll bring. It hasn't been really busy, I've been able to get some photos for tomorrow's picture update cropped and I was just given a handful of malted-milkballs.

    Anyway, I found the following in my junk filter:
    Best random language I've seen since Grant Morrison first re-wrote the Doom Patrol )
    ...OK, yeah, I included too much. *^_^* The Toga Boxer Shorts apparently opened the tin of woo-woo words, though....

    woofline horizontal rule

    [mental meander] It's somewhat vexing. So often I think of things while driving to, say, work, that I think 'I'll put that in my LJ when I get to a computer again.' Then I get to, say again, work, and by the time I can sneak a few minutes to myself, it's gone quite out of my head.

    Meanwhile, I've got this trick memory thing going on. I'll very responsibly make a mental list of What Needs Doing during the weekend, when I'll actually have a few contiguous minutes to do so. However, I get home Friday, completely forget about Adult Swim Friday Night Fix because I'm distracted by [livejournal.com profile] dogstar_academy or somesuch (although now that I'm back on dialup, I don't know if the Fix is in for me anymore)... and by the time I wake up Saturday, I've no clue about what needed doing until Monday again.

    It's almost like a stress-self-preservation technique. I sabotague myself....

    woofline horizontal rule

    [pathetic look] Don't suppose anybody would like to buy me Girl Genius Collection #4: Agatha Heterodyne and the Circus of Dreams? It's not horribly expensive or anything....

    woofline horizontal rule

    Hmm, this seems like a Night Stalkery post. Close enough, at least.


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