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...to stumble out of one's bedroom and find the living room floor covered in dove(?) feathers.

And both vacuum cleaners not working.

And Annie trying to steal the carcass from Gemma the Mighty Huntress.

ETA: I was considering taking a picture of the 'squab' and sharing it here, but there's, y'know, vegetarians in my Flist....
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Batch 22 is up, I'm just working on captions. More fake Impressionism, too.

And for those curious, here are my new eyeglasses. Blasted fashion in frames are all these squinty Bono-looking things that don't work for me *grumble*. I was lucky to find these, I think.

Random note: I've started back-tagging my LJ. I've managed to work my way all the way up to June 2003! Gawd. Too many memes.
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Dogs of the Alliance 1: a three-shot of the latest puppy damage, the devastated 'Serenity' box, the chomped boxed set of 'Firefly' and CDs with holes that are not hubs.
Dogs of the Alliance (1)
Purplebelly corgwn!
Lookit all this!
Dogs of the Alliance 2: a closeup of three chewed-up CDs with holes through the disks and chunks out of the edges.  You'd think it'd hurt to chomp on plastic this hard/brittle....
Dogs of the Alliance (2)
They even ate blank CDs...
or are they unlabelled copies
of 'The Signal'?
The Alliance strikes again!
Dogs of the Alliance 3: a closeup of the completely wrecked 'Serenity' DVD box, in which the plastic sleeve is half-torn away and the printed cover insert almost unrecognisably damaged.
Dogs of the Alliance (3)
The Browncoats stealthily scarpered away
with the secret of Miranda before the furry
Alliance agents got their teeth on it!
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Thank you all for your shiny sympathy, but leave it to the Zoe-disc to be canny and hide in the sofa cushions when the box was absconded with picked up -- she was never touched.

The Mal disc, on the other paw (Disc 1) is the one with the hole in the cover (missing, thankfully, the DVD itself).

Don't that just figure.
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Exhibit 5: My Dr Banzai frames, 800x439, 54Kb (compressed really well) )

Not ONE word, Gwynne.
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Exhibit 4: the couch

Exhibit 4: the couch
I told them EXPRESSLY...!

But if you have the bandwidth/patience for it, you gotta look at this:

Mob the Boxer: The Movie!
4.6Mb of 90-degree-skewed canine cuteness (tilt your head or monitor to your right). MOV format, so QuickTime will play it.

woof horizontal rule

Meanwhile, I am totally not watching the Oscars. It feels unnatural.
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'What are ear mites,' Alex.

You are correct, for two rabies shots, license tags and a whomping vet bill!
(Well, for the value of 'whomping' comparative to my current cash un-flow)

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Chupacabras Roam Allapattah! Photographic Proof!

Click thumbnails to see larger image.

Exhibit 1: Larousse World Mythology
Exhibit 1: Larousse World Mythology

Chupacabra damage! And I thought the =mice= were bad.

Exhibit 2: the carton of boxes of greeting cards
Exhibit 2: the carton of boxes of greeting cards

Despite the steely look, that's just box cardboard inside. You can see a sample card on
the face of the carton to the right - my soror patruelis Irene's a photographer.

Exhibit 3: auburn Pia sheep
Exhibit 3: auburn Pia sheep

OK, so you expect this to happen to plush toys. But I liked the auburn one best!
You can see part of its ruined squeak just above the main 'wound', and a second tear to the right.
Poor sheep. [prepares sutures]

woof horizontal rule

And, incidentally: Chupacabra picture update a bit early, Batch 11, with maybe a thing or two to be added later.

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Lastly, while trying to find the correct term for 'first cousin on my father's side', because Latin actually has a term that precise, I found the following tidbits for any family tree geeks out there:

Stirps Romana )
You can see where English loanwords like 'avuncular', 'consanguity' and 'nepotism' and suchlike come from; and the term used rather loosely by the last season of Earth: Final Conflict, 'atavus'.


I also found this excellent page from the U. of Manitoba, on Systematic Kinship Terminologies, with clear graphics and good examples; and this interesting newsletter which is apparently to help people build their own languages *blink*. A quote from the preface:
There is little awareness about model languages as a hobby; in fact, no one is quite sure what to call it, with Tolkien referring to it as private languages; and others calling it constructed languages or imaginary languages. I've chosen to call it model languages because models are not intended to be full-scale replicas, but miniaturized versions that provide the essence of something, even if certain details have to be skipped over; in the same way, no one can construct a complete language, but a model of a language can be very useful.
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And now, because I have something trying to be a evil sick headache and I slept funny anyway, I'm gonna follow the dogs' examples and have a lie down.


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