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Also - Robert Conrad's birthday, and Sirius and Medeni's wedding anniversary, and... goodness, there must be more I'm forgetting this year because I remember never being able to keep up before! :)
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Y ddraig goch ddyry cychwyn - Statue of Liberty big!
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Debbie treated me to GI Joe today (probably the only non-parent adults in the auditorium, or at least the only female ones) - and yeah, it's pretty strictly for the eye candy. The CGI is impressive and nearly seamless; the editing suffers from a touch of closeupitis in action scenes instead of letting us appreciate the choreography before it hurries off to another angle, but on the whole - it's pretty. This includes a very shiny cast - Christopher Eccleston, all Scottishy; Joseph Gordon-Levitt, formerly of Third Rock From the Sun in his callow youth; Jonathan Pryce as the President of the United States (woohoo, the Welsh take over again!) and OMG RAY PARK.


Natually, they don't let him talk, because I dunno, two Scots accents in one American movie Not Braveheart or Rob Roy is too many, or his voice will cause glass to shatter like in a Russell Mulcahy movie or something. But OMG IT'S RAY PARK. And I... [hangs head] was not watching with sufficient devotion. (They also have two boys in flashbacks, actual martial artist kids, who are not half awesome with the action.)

Oh, and that WAS Brendan Fraser! My goodness, I thought I was seeing things. (It's nearly a Mummy reunion - Kevin J. O'Connor is in a flashback and Arnold Vosloo is a secondary blackhat.)

Two Scots, a Cymro, Brendan Fraser and a Gaelic codeword - muahahahaha.

(Thank you, Debbie!)
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For those who haven't read the series yet [gasp of shock], TDiR is actually the second book in the five-volume sequence.

Over Sea, Under Stone
The Dark is Rising
The Grey King
Silver on the Tree

There, go out and be vastly entertained. This series helped me learn my pathetic smattering of Welsh.
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Geekish reading, at least. MEGAFAUNA — First Victims of the Human-Caused Extinction by Baz Edmeades, complete book on-line (HTML/PDF)

...and that kinda goes with this animated presentation, 'Journey of Mankind: The Peopling of the World'. There are links off that page, my AngloCeltic siblings, so you can find out what male-line genetic part of Britain you're descended from (read this summation in the New York Times article, 'A United Kingdom? Maybe'). The female-line tests from the same company aren't British-Isles-specific.

Lastly, a photo-tour of a New Egg shipping warehouse (ooo, nifty tech); and an 8-page story by Bruce Sterling, We See Things Differently. (Take a look at the RevolutionSF FAQ, too.)
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Manolos and Choos and Louboutin leave me perplexed and sad to think that women strap these things on their poor unoffending feet and torture them.

Yet another reason to adore pkmorrison!
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  • In the '70s, my mother was riding the crest of popularity as T'Pring, bride of Spock. My parents had just divorced, so my mother was eager to engage us in "immersive experiences." Aside from nude beaches and est, they included "Star Trek" conventions.... I've never truly understood why my mother's character tugs so viscerally on her fans. I'm also curious where this type of fame sits for Mom, who still yearns for greater glories. For me, her role has been a conversation ice-breaker, a kitschy factoid and a nuclear option for when I'm in trouble.... (more)

  • In his 1902 book The Unspeakable Scot, T.W.H. Crosland charged that clannish Scots had begun to dominate London's literary and journalistic circles. Taking up Crosland's mantle these days is journalist Geoffrey Wheatcroft, who told me, "I've been going on about this and I'm treated like a crank." Wheatcroft recently aired his concerns in a radio debate, and emerged from it even more convinced that Home Secretary John Reid was a "complete and utter carpetbagger," and that Scots politicians were "unusually corrupt, drunken, and worthless." (how do you write 'more' in Scots dialect?)

  • Hero Dog Fills Out Hospital Paperwork
    October 20, 2006 | Issue 42•43
    BRACKNEY, PA—Ginger, a four-year-old golden retriever, saved the life of her owner Megan Walsh, 37, Monday by quickly and efficiently filling out Walsh’s copious emergency-room paperwork.... (woof)

  • Bill O'Reilly: Not a good obstetric-health authority ...Last week on his syndicated radio show, "The Radio Factor With Bill O'Reilly," Fox anchor and loofah-wielder Bill O'Reilly decided to address the issue of abortion... his... claim that 45 percent of Americans favor outlawing abortion "unless the mother's going to die, or catastrophic health consequences, which again, is never the case. Never." (like shooting fish in a barrel, isn't he?) (make sure to read the letters of comment)
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The extra-spiffy Allah Sulu has not only added MY LiveJournal sprites to his collection for Allah Sulu's Massive Tool (look here -- I did the Serenity-'verse and Girl Genius, but I forgot Othar! [selenesue] *hand-staple-forehead* [/selenesue]) BUT has also provided Welsh ys!

Ŷ and ŷ are coded as Ŷ and ŷ respectively. You have to use a real ampersand at the beginning of the codes, of course; what you're seeing here is actually an ampersand symbol, but... that's getting complicated.

Anyway, it works. Tell your ffrindiau.

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Got two batches of pictures for you this time: the South Florida Scottish Festival, 2006 and Batch 18 of puppypictures (which is paltry indeed this week, but I didn't get to photograph them doing anything you haven't seen a dozen times before already).

woof horizontal rule

They don't Google easily, but these are the people who've been doing the sheepdog demo for Lo! these many years:
Tindall Border Collies
The Tindall Place
Quinn & Sandy Tindall
8400 NE 120th St.
Okeechobee Fl. 34972
ABC Registered Border Collies
Occasional Puppies for sale, Stud Dogs
Lessons for serious students, willing to work towards trialing.
Pups must be at least 8 mo. old for lessons.

One of the bands playing was Avalon; the lead singer, Tricianne Garrihy, did a lively cover of the Proclaimers '500 Miles' and prompted me to snicker to myself that once again you've got one woman doing the job of two men and doing it just as well [/rimshot].

These guys? I bought their CD. :) They all autographed it!

Prydein shirt Prydein : Sample their music at Download.com.
"Okay, who put the jalapenos in the haggis?"

Here's something I'm wondering about: where's the all-female kilt rock band? There's female celtic bands, Avalon is Tricianne plus whomever she picks for that gig, but... no rock 'n' roll bagpipe chicks. Why not?


The welshcakes were back! The welshcakes were back!! The inFamous Welsh Cookie Company makes welshcakes both with traditional flavours, and creative combinations like their new and delicious strawberry and macadamia. SO good. I bought lots and lots, even though I maybe shouldn'tadone. ;)


Thinking of British foods, once again I bought the annual box of frozen banger rolls from Cameron's British Foods. They're only in Cape Coral (what, 2-3 hours' drive?) but I always wait until the Scottish Festival. Weakening, I bought my mother (grumblekvetch) some packages of McVittie's digestive biscuits, because she likes the simple, not-so-sweet kind of biccie; and some cans of Idris fiery ginger beer. Hey, it's got a Welsh name, how can I resist? [says 'fiery' the same way Rhys said 'wiry' in The Replacements and giggles inanely]


I can't be the first person who's thought of the term 'tropikilt', can I? I know I'm not the first who's conceived of one, because the men of Khemet wore the shendjyt, made of varying grades of linen (depending on socioeconomic rank, unsurprisingly) but pleated and wrapped very much like the greatkilt. Hmmm... between the Floridians, the other Gaelic Caribeños and the Australians, surely somebody talented with fabric must have some ideas....


The Copper Kettle Celtic shop has been around for over three decades, although not in the same place. Sadly, I've only ever been in the once, back when they were in South Miami on Red Road. Their current address is:
14305 S. Dixie Hwy.,
Miami, FL 33176
Apparently the husband, John Edwards, died sometime last year, sorry to hear, but the widow and the shop's doing fine otherwise. They were selling miniature flags, various kinds of jewelry and squishy clever dragon handpuppets.

woof horizontal rule

Completely irrelevant to the Scottish Festival or corgi puppies, but interesting - rec'd by one of the players at [livejournal.com profile] milliways_bar in the Back Room:
http://www.watt-evans.com/theotherguys.html - a researched history of pre-Comics Code horror comics and what really killed the genre.
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For one: I'm not sure, but I thiiiink Gemma might have whined at me to go out. I live in hope! Of course, she went and spoiled half that hope when she came in last night and promptly squatted on one of the rubber floormats that we never picked up (thankfully) after Chesty's illness.

For a second: Florida Flisties, you might want to take a look at this -- the Miami Herald's Action Line ran one of their regular questions, about unclaimed property. Go to the webpage of the Bureau of Unclaimed Property and run a search. Would you believe I found my name? With my Tallahassee address when I was going to FSU! (Disclaimer: I am not and never will be a 'Seminole'.) For money from... Illinois? What th' hey - how likely is it that there could have been another [mundane name] (not all that uncommon) at that address? I'll try filing a claim, see if I get it.

A third doesn't seem to quite be coming off -- I'm still congested and coughing and somewhat hoarse from the gunk piled up in my throat. Despite wanting to keep my croaky self at home all weekend, hide the shame of my voice from humanity, I managed to be productive in at least one direction. Uhhh... this isn't really interesting, so to be brief, I managed to scour part of our stove that was pretty gunky, but also inaccessible enough to make a regular cleaning unlikely. There's a sense of satisfaction in something like that, though.

woof horizontal rule

Got the flyer from the Scottish American Society of South Florida about pre-purchasing Scottish Festival tickets. I'm hoping to go this year with [livejournal.com profile] fl_wizardess and maybe [livejournal.com profile] bachelard -- but alas, Debbie for a third had already scheduled something with her family. Y'see, the Festival for aaaaages, as long as I've been going, has been on St. David's Day weekend, which of course is a fortnight past by now. This year, it's almost two months later -- who expected that? It's going to be twice as hot with no hopes at all for a cool breeze, and I don't know this new site at all, never having made it to any Strikers games ever.

BTW, the tix are $10 in advance and $15 at the gate. Wanna come? There'll be sausage rolls at the Camerons' trailer!
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Hapus Dydd Dewi Sant! )

And completely separate from St. David, although possibly a Continental Celt somewhere in his background... Happy 71st [!!!] Birthday, Robert Conrad! I still hate your politics, sir, but you're a man of honour and honesty, and you don't say what you don't mean.
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[points at icon, grins]
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Forwarded by the delightful [livejournal.com profile] selenesue:
Welsh is the new word in Scrabble )

...and found in a sidebar link:
Microsoft unveils Welsh software )
P.S. I finally got to read the original Howl's Moving Castle and I find it beyond delightful that his name is Howell and he gets drunk at his rugby club reunion. OK, it's a context thing. ^_^
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Clan MacMillan!

(doncha lurve Mike Myers?)

So: What I Did at the Scottish Festival )


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